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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Being poked is not fun

Yes, I got 'poked' today, by a needle. No, it's not a needlestick injury. Neither did I get another vaccination (though I might in the next couple of days). My blood got taken. The not-so-good part - my vein was so small that a butterfly had to be used for the vein in the antecubital fossa (erm... tiny brachial vein?). Even then, she didn't even get it on the first attempt. The sister had to wriggle the needle around, trying to get the vein. Now I know that a 'sharp scratch' (we're told to tell patients that every time we try to take blood) is not really a sharp scratch, but it's an agonising jab which you can feel moving around if the vein is not pricked on the first attempt. Hmm... come to think of it, recently (in the GP where I'm at now), patients have been telling me that they don't feel a thing, and was still waiting for me to take it, when I had already finished! Hmm... is it just my good technique? (heh) Or is it becoz the nurse was distracting the patient while talking to them? Double hmm...

And yes, I went to the school's occupational health to get it done, after much hassle and butt-heading. So now, just waiting for the results of whether I actually have the mumps antibodies (they have blood tests indicating that I have the measles and rubella Abs but not mumps. Strange, considering I should have had the MMR - in sg, everything is mandatory, ain't it? *wink*). What I don't understand, is there a contraindication to getting another vaccine 10 years down the line (assuming I had the MMR when I was a kid)? I mean, it's not as if I'm going to get autism at this age, am I? =p


Ooohh.... I did smears yesterday, and did a baby clinic today. It's just a joy to examine and play with the 8 week old kids at the same time, apart from the time where we test the startle reflex or wriggle their lower limbs for CDH. I did 3 babies on my own today, and I'm glad - that they didn't cry at any time that I picked them up. Heh. =)


On another note, didn't realise I was so tense. Muscles around my neck, shoulders were bunched up, and i just felt lethargic (which incidentally coincided with my presentation on monday about being 'tired all the time'. Heh) and keep falling asleep in the train on the way home, which I attributed to the constant travelling and my late nights. (Have stopped going to the gym coz by the time I come back, I just want to burrow in my comfy bed and nap till morning). However, I've just worked out, and I feel so much more refreshed, and hopefully I'll have a better sleep tonight. Seems like endorphins are really addictive! =D