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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Commuting out of London

... is a real hassle. I can says lots about it, but now is 2am and i'm really tired - been checking out the train times and the 'wonders' of taking a combination of tube and rail during peak hours but not having a combination ticket. And yes, it costs a bomb.

Fantastic, isn't it?

More later on, together with Stan's birthday and the Jerry Springer Show!

I'm finally back, after a hiatus of a fortnight. Did many things happen? Hmm... Not that many things happen, I suppose?

Back to commuting - it's a real hassle, esp when you don't know the train times, or the train comes every half an hour, and that's bad during this weather - winter. So far, I predict that winter this year is gonna be freaking cold. This weekend alone was close to 2 degrees in the day! It's not a wonderful feeling to freeze. enuff' said. Although the train journey takes a really short time of just 40 mins, and the practice itself is quite near the station, it's the waiting time which really buggers me, coz by the time I get back, the fastest of the fastest will stilk take at least 1.5 HOURS.

The GP itself is not too bad. The first week has just gone, I've started on my audit, and I've found out that next week, I start my own consultations. Oh boy... that's gonna be scary. I've osrt of forgotten everything I've learnt for written finals. Hmm.. 'we've got a problem, houston...'


On another note, I've booked my coach tickets next weekend. And also, I've booked a revision course for finals. Now I'm 60 quid poorer. =/

ULU Vball and Jerry Springer

Stan's hatchday is on 5th Nov, which is the same as my dad, so naturally, it's easy to remember. When I called home to wish dad happy birthday, he said that he knew it was me. Most prob becoz I usually call every year. =)

Anyway, I had just finished Public Health that week, what with the presentation and the report about .... HRT (?). Let's hope that went alright. That friday night, was intending to stay at home and chill out in front of the tv instead of going out to see fireworks (it was Guy Fawkes' night). But JV msged me to join them in the bar for drinks. And so I went. And it was drinks galore. =p

Next morning, settled some stuff at home, then headed out for ULU (university of london union) to try out their volleyball training. Boy, was it fun and a very good workout! And they were actually pretty good, considering that it was the recreational club! And I learnt a new formation of '6-out', which I've not heard of in all my 10 years of playing (minus first 2 years of uni where i was a blur sotong then). A pity I'm flying off pretty soon, if not, I'll actually try out for the ULU team (which conprises of supposedly the best players from all the london schools).

Headed off to Leicester to meet Darren. Thank goodness for him, czo he and Suzanna went in the afternoon to get tickets for a musical. Initially we wanted to get tix for Phantom or Mamma mia, but it was all sold out. And then we realised that because it's a sat, most of the theatre/musical tickets would be sold out for an evening performance anyway. Nevertheless, we managed to get tix for Jerry Springer!

Being apprehensive and not having seen the show before, I was tempted to write it off as crap even before I'd seen the performance. Conversely, it was smashing! It was a cacophony of tunes which sound discordant (those with music backgrd wld know what I'm talking about), but at least the words made sense. It's the first musical (out of the so many I've seen so far) that has the most vulgarities and f-words I've ever seen/heard. But it was simply hilarious! I can *guarantee* that this show won't be coming to Singapore anytime soon!

Then, on to the famous Hagen Daaz to enjoy ice-cream (yes, in the midst of winter, so I think we're all crazy), met Zak and Peng there, and Ming joined us too. It was lovely just hanging out. =) By the time we came back, we had caught the last tube to Tooting, and reached it around 1.30am. While the others waited for the night bus to bring them back, I decided to walk home (yeah, alone) coz I didn't want to wait for the night bus. Surprise, surprise, met JTI just past the bus-stop, and he was unlocking his bike. So we walked back together, just talking. Now, I didn't ask/hint in the slightest for him to walk me back. After all, it's not as if we both came back from a party together or anything of that sort. So when we passed his street and turned into mine (he didn't just up and leave and continued walking with me), I didn't say anything, but I was glad. =)

Still went for training as usual (vball was on, then bball took over our courts on Tues), saw JTI and it was back to the same old. No greeting or acknowledgement of a 'hi'.

Thursday, we had a match against UCL 1st. We lost 0-3. The team was good (but really rude), but we just kept messing up, be it services (our serves are actually quite good, but during the match itself, balls kept on going into the net!), or receiving the first ball from the opposite side (if the first ball is not good, it's very difficult for the setter to set a good ball for the 3rd ball to be spiked). Very frustrating indeed. Plus, the new coach was screaming his head off at what we're supposed to do, DURING the match. Now, that was way annoying and distracting.

Spent Friday hard at work. Horror of horrors, I thought it was a weekend, so I ignored my alarm clock. The next time I opened my eyes, it was bright and even after rushing, I was an hour late! =/ Oh well, I witnessed a death certification though, and worked hard all the way till 6-odd for my audit, headed back to George's library to be more hardworking, then chilled out in the bar while waiting for Ming to come back from Ashford to celebrate his birthday with us at dinner. It was a good night.

Oh yeah, and it's the first time I've tried wearing a skirt during winter. Brrr... it's really cold, but not too bad really!


The second weekend in November is usually cloudless and ultra cold... or so they say

I didn't know that. But now I do. =P

This weekend, I was supposed to go up to Nottingham for the Nott Games, but plans have changed. So instead, arranged to go with Clarence to Hampton Court Palace for a day trip to see the famous maze (yeah, I got lost in it, and I couldn't get to the centre, although I could get out of it!). So sent an email to some people earlier in the week that if they want to join me, to msg me back. I received no replies, so I assumed it was just me and Clarence. To my surprise, that morning, received a txt from JTI asking where we guys were (I had changed the time for meeting). *yikes*

Nevertheless, JTI wasn't too bad on the trip (aka not being an asshole/moody). It was a good day, the gardens was beautiful. Never mind it was freezing cold, we still walked out there for an hour or so. Had a good time enjoying the view and scenery, learning bits of history, chatting.

The 3 of us, being insane (dun know if that is usual), decided to walk from Hampton Court to Kingston along the River Thames (even though it was evening, the sun was setting, it was freezing cold, and there was no lighting along the pathway. 3 cheers for the lunatics). Oh yeah, and the houses along the riverside was amazingly gorgeous. Wonder how high the property prices must be like... Thankfully, we made it to Kingston town centre in 1 piece. =D

And today, I wanted to take the bus to Victoria to see how long the trip will take me. After waiting at the bus stop, in the freaking cold, for an hour or so, I walked back home. Lo and behold, Murphy's law happened (while I was walking back, the bus I wanted came. Darn...) So I came back home to bluster and fume.

Yay for me. Got to do some research for my audit now. Over and out.