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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Enroute to Cambridge, and beyond...

Yup, this weekend was reserved for Cambridge, and I've only got down to writing it out. It was a very nice, pleasant weekend, to say the least. Seen people whom I haven't seen for ages, met lots of new people, and even met someone whom I played beach vball with last summer (and I can't believe he even remembered me! =-P)

Let's start off with the morning, shall we? Moi, knowing that I had a coach booked for the afternoon, left the surgery early as my GP had finished the morning appts, and I had nothing else to do that afternoon. So, had a go at taking a bus to London Victoria Coach Station from my place, and it wasn't too bad after all. I've realised how much I actually enjoy sitting buses. Can see the scenery (compared to the tube), find out where various areas/places are (Chelsea is absolutely posh!), and yeah, reached the coach station with ample time to walk around the shops, or sit down and read my book.

1530 hrs came. No sight of the coach. 1545 hrs, the conductor came in to say that the coach has just arrived, and will be delayed by at least 30 mins, as under regulations, the driver needs to rest. And so, we left the terminal at 1615hrs (extremely late! @$%#$%#$). Horror of horrors, it took us 3 hrs to get out of London itself. Why? Apparently Parliament Square was blocked off, and all the major roads/motorways leading out of London was jammed because there were accidents on each and every one of them! So yes, was supposed to reach Cambridge at 1745hrs (gave it an hr's leeway to make it in time for Formal Hall), and by that time, I was still in the coach, with it trying to inch its way out of the northern part of zone 6. It doesn't help that the M11 and A12 have roadworks happening on them as well. =/

By the time I actually reached Cambridge, the group of them (Zun had organised a grp of 15 of them for the Formal, and to meet me as well, but the 'guest' didn't show up at all. *shrug* Not my fault. Blame London's lousy traffic!) had finished dinner and were on their way to Churchill's bob (something like clubbing event held in one of the colleges). From the original 2 hr journey from London to Cambridge, it took me 6 hrs to actually reach my destination. Needless to say, I was disappointed at not being able to attend the Formal, esp when Zun esp organised it for me (and I actually made an effort to dress up too!). Oh well, at least I got to meet this nice, good-looking fresher from QMW on the coach, and we were talking loads *smile*

And so, Zun picked me up from the coach station. Brrr... it was a cold night, indeed. And after having a not-so-good (compared to having a Formal Hall Dinner) dinner at Gardenia's (it's was alright neverthless, which we brought back and just talked in zun's kitchen). All the while, he received lots of calls wondering where he was and if he was coming for the bob. Heh... of course he would come! He has to bring me! *grin* But yeah, finally made it to the bob, met Wanx and loads of other pple there, and had a great time dancing! Went back to Zun's place, and while I showered, he cooked Mee Goreng for me! (...yeah, craving for Mee Goreng now....), and he was nice enough to give me his comfy bed while he took the floor. =p

The next morning, I woke at 7am. Yeah, yeah, I'm weird. It's a saturday, and I still wake up that early. =p Anyway, zun brought me around his college (st john's), and he actually knows the history and significance of the various symbols (eg. the bridge of Sighs, which is surprising, coz those whom I know from Cambridge haven't a clue about those things), and so we were going around with 2 others (Julius and Zhimin? 2 new pple I just met, yet again), and it was way fun. Then Wanx took over as zun had to go for canoe polo training. So I did the tourist-y thing of going to the big colleges (Trinity, Queen's, King's), and caught Zun training in the River Cam. Looks really cold and freezing though. *Brrr*

Then we headed down to Fitzwilliam Museum (coz there was nothing to do, and I'd done all the tourist-y things already, apart from punting, which I will not freeze my ass off doing if I fall into the river, although that will, supposedly, guarantee a first class for me!), and that museum was the most compact I've seen so far. All housed in 1 building, it is so named because he (Fitzwilliam) was a student at Cambridge, and after he died, he left lots of stuff and money to the college for them to build and display the artefacts. And so, it was done. It was compact, in the sense that there were so many various rooms detailing different time periods of art (which century), different areas( French, Italian, British, etc), with guides there too. I really enjoyed that. =)

We went back to meet zun, and settled down in his room to talk for a bit while waiting to meet the rest of the people for the Asian Food Fest, organised by CUMSA. And oh boy, it was gd food. Went back for a 2nd helping of tang yuan and beef rendang and claypot rice. =D

After that, we headed to St John's college bar for drinks. It seems pretty strict though, as a st john's person can only sign in 2 guests. It doesn't matter if they are still students of other colleges in cambridge. They are still guests, apparently. And so, we had drinks, everyone went a little tipsy, and silly little things started coming out. It was fun though. =) Oh yeah, met quite a number of junior ex-canoeists though, from RJ, and they have all joined rowing. Hmm... Sometimes I wonder if I should have joined rowing and see what it is like.

That night, I stayed at Wanx's place as Zun had to get up early for a canoe polo match the next day. Wanx's room is quite innovative too! The toilet and bathroom are supposedly ensuite, yet it can be counted as not, and it was strange in the direction that the door could move in. One conclusion both of us came in: coming from RI, then RJ, and being in GEP, zun is one of the most well-mannered and gentlemenly guys around. No airs about him. Genuine nice guy (which is not to say for other GEPs/RJ pple I've known. Heh.) =)

Uneventful sunday. This time, we had a 2 hrs trip back to London, and no mishaps along the way, which I'm thankful for. And spend the rest of the day clearing my room, doing my accounts and looking at me photos. Yes, me photos from long ago (rest of Stonehenge, Windsor, Hampton) has arrived.

Before I knew it, the weekend had come to an end, and I needed to come back down to earth, back to GP land. *oh wonders*


On the health side, did I mentioned that 1-2 weeks ago? I did a little surgery and drilled holes, not 1, but 3 into the nail of my big toe, to release blood (oh yeah, it oozed out, together with smelly translucent fluid, after painful squeezing of the toe). Oh yeah, ouch. I just got the flu jab as well (love giving it to pple, but hate needles, so imagine my grimace at receiving it), and now, my arm is aching. Not to mention, during today's training, think I didn't warm up properly, so I kind of strained my left forearm. I'm thinking: I should know better, having played this for a while now. How silly can I get... *slaps forehead*


Make that a week, not day, of falls

Blame the weather. Blame my heels/court shoes. Blame my clumsiness at detecting where the ground actually is. It's just me, I think.

London was cold, wet and slippery, the whole of last week. Slipped on Tues, which wasn't too bad, just received a huge bruise on my right knee. Slipped again on Thursday, this time, it's the right knee again, and yeah, it was bleeding quite a bit, and there's a huge gash/dent there, such that I had to wrap it up for the match later that night. And yesh, I aggravated it while diving for the ball and sliding on my knees, etc. U know how it goes when you're the setter. =) But my knee hurt like mad that day. Up to today, it's still oozing. Ugh.

Speaking of which, we had a vball match on Thursday against King's. Actually, I was supposed to play a squash match for the ladies team on the same day, but since it was at the same time, i had to decline. So after a very long delay (bball boys had a match which started late as well), the game started. Vertical hitman was still there (we call him that coz his balls literally is spiked down vertically. Very little chance of blocking, unless you want to sprain your fingers. JTI was nice enough to be *coerced* into being the referee for the match, and he wasn't too bad. =) Although it was a game well played (amongst the other games we've played so far), we still lost 3-0, though it was close (one of the sets was 22-25, compared to the previous years where we were single digits, i think).


Oh yeah, the movie and dinner. My housemate, SM had organised the outing, and we went to see 'Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason'. It was quite a big group (James and Jeff, Lindsey, Jo, Cheryl & housemate, Sarah, me and housemate, and 2 others whose names I can't remember.) We had dinner at Slurp! in Wimbledon (reminds me of Da Wan Mian at E&C), then we went to catch the movie. I thought it wasn't as good as the first one, but well, what can you expect from a chick-flick, apart from lots of Brit humour, in this case? =p

Before that, I was in the bar, having come back from GP, and was trying to do work on my laptop. Little did I know, JTI appeared, and sat next to me, with his laptop, I assume, doing his work, as well. Fu came in later on. After going to get some stuff at the counter, it was then that JTI saw this on one of the many webpages I had on. Being cheeky and naughty as he was that day, he decided to be really annoying, and actually got Fu to help him restrain me. *Imagine 2 guys trying to restrain a girl's hands, while she is frantically trying to erase the link off a laptop* - not a pretty sight, yeah? And well, that's the gist of it really. We had a little tug of war with the laptops, with me losing (what do u expect from the towering strength of 2 men compared with one from a puny girl??), and so I'm assuming he reads it now. Let's just hope it doesn't spread. Not that much anyway. =p

Okay, it's 2.30am now. Tired from training and the curry dinner which we had for vball social tonight. Feeling full and sleepy now, so nitey!