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Monday, November 15, 2004

A hands-on day

I think today warrants a special entry.

For one, I woke up late again. Don't know why, I didn't hear my alarm clock, even though there was a snooze for that, and my phone alarm was switched on as well. Either the batteries have died (can't be, coz I can still tell the time with both of them), or I was too dog-tired from the night before (was doing the preparatory work for my audit) that my ears and brain have tuned out everything (which is most likely. Blame my brain for wanting to sleep in). However, this time, it wasn't too late. I woke an hour later, but managed to catch the next train in. Oops... Thank goodness I wasn't in with the GP today. =)


So, Hands-on. Did lots of those today. Spent the whole day with the nurses - both district and practice. It was way good. Lots of blood pressure checks, IM jabs for flu etc (considering I've not done an IM injection before, just got them injected into me instead -_-), pill checks, spirometry (now that is confusing), got to take loads of blood for INR testing. I was especially lucky today, because I actually managed to get blood all on the first go, apart from one patient (No doubt I can say that I'm proficient at taking blood, there's always a possibility of missing a vein. Saying that, I used my favourite of syringes, instead of vaccutainers - which we were taught to use. =P). That makes it more than 15 pple I did it on today. And most of them said they didn't feel a thing! Hurray for me. *huge grin*

I'm looking forward to doing another session, hopefully soon. And hopefully *fingers crossed*, I get to do cervical smears and ECGs. It was indeed fun today. =)


In the afternoon, I went for leg ulcer clinic with the district nurses. And I got to change a couple of dressings for wounds. Got to see gangrenous toes, smelly feet, and arterial and venous ulcers too. Now, that was a real *treat*.


After that, I was hardworking enough to actually be doing my audit. Right now, I have done a rough draft of it, and just have to type it up. Hmm... can I NOT do a video consultation for my next assessment? It's a bit scary to see yourself mess it up, esp when you know you're being videotaped. *gulp* Think I'll request to try writing a significant event instead. Hmm...

Thought I'd do my weekly shopping when I came out of the tube. Alas, after putting everything in the basket and lining up at the queue to checkout the food, it suddenly dawned on me that I might not have my wallet with it. *Frantically rummaging in my bag for it* Darn. I went around today without any money on me. And I didn't even realise it until the evening! That's a first!

Knacked upon reaching home. Lay down on my bed to rest my eyes and back (it was aching after a whole day of standing, getting patients notes from shelves which are taller than me. Bleah.), and the next time I opened my eyes, it was an hour and a half later.


Come to think of it, I think I'm starting my consultations tomorrow. Oh dear lord, help me.

Oh well, let's go screw up my eyes with stats and type up a draft audit now.


I just realised that I didn't bring home the info that I found from the paper records today. Darn it! How am I supposed to do my work now?!?!?