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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I'm seriously getting old and buggered

Tired, so came home, with the intention of completing my audit, but with the finality of plonking down on the bed. The next time I opened my eyes, I'm late for training. Oh darn...

During training itself, the wound on my knee split open while sliding to catch a ball, and it was bleeding all over the sports hall. I haven't seen so much blood from a small wound in a long time. Scared the living daylights out of a couple of my team mates, who thought I just might faint coz too much blood was coming out. Heh.

I also strained my calf muscle. Now I can't put weight/tiptoe/climb up the stairs to my room. And when I do, I feel as if I'm gonna keel over and stumble down the stairs. Bummer. Think I'll stick in my room for the time being then. Well, tonight anyway. =/


After my earlier post aka rant on the ineffectiveness of occupational health, I managed to finish my significant event report (phew, one down, one more to go), go for the nurse's clinic this afternoon, and charmed the injection for an MMR out of her, or rather, her fridge. Hurray. I'm a happy bunny. After being stuck with another needle (and 2 others) within a span of 1 week? Not my idea of fun. The reverse is true though (me sticking sharp objects aka injection needles into people's arms or bums. Heh. =p).

Well, look at it this way, I managed to get an MMR jab anyway, didn't I? =)


On another note, I can feel myself getting sick with the passing of time. My throat's dry and scratchy, I'm feeling more lethargic than ever. My head's feeling heavy (either that, or becoz I'm thick in the first place). My neck is taut and stiff, and my back aches.

I'm getting old. *Three cheers for Zena* She might really fly to the sky one day.