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Monday, November 29, 2004


After the big hooha about the mumps epidemic (I got caught up in it when I was in Cambridge), and that I might have seen a kid with that during GP, I decided to go get a jab. BUT... before that could be given, I was given a lot of flak about having a blood test first. So that was where the job from the dreaded needle came from.

Today, I have just received a call from the nurse who took my blood, but not before she called me on Friday to 're-confirm' that I have gone for the blood test (What?!? I went for the blood test on Wednesday morning, you said that you would mark it as urgent and get the results by Friday, and now you're telling me on Thursday afternoon that my blood bottle hasn't been registered yet?! What in the world does the hospital pay you for?!#$^#$%...) As you can tell, I am quite peeved. And that is an understatement. Anyway, back to the call - I was told Ithe test was negative (huh? Thought I received the MMR in SG at the ripe young age of 16?!), and that I had to get the MMR (my measles and rubella status is fine, ironically speaking). And so, when I wanted to make an appointment to get the MMR, she gave me lots of flak about how walk-ins are only for emergencies such as needlesticks (which is understandably, but there can't be that MANY needlestick injuries in one day!), and how I could get it from my GP. Thing is, I'm flying off next week, and the GP which I'm registered at, the next appointment is in 2-3 weeks time. That is not good. And so I was passed on to the appointments desk where I was told that the next available appointment was the 22nd Dec. *fantastic* isn't it? Wait till I'm seriously infected, and I'll walk around the hospital grounds to infect everyone else. See whether they give the MMR to others then, without making them wait a freaking month. Gah.

Okay, that was mean of me. After all, I'm a healthcare professional, or at least, going to be, and therefore I should be more understanding. But then, I'm also human - and therefore entitled to have such feelings. Hmph.

What I'm trying to say is - the school's occupational health system is not working. It caters for both students and staff at the hospital. I appreciate that it will be busy, and there will be lots of people going there to get things checked out (not the few times which I was there, which led me to wonder what in the world do they do there, apart from *shaking legs* and getting people certified as 'occupationally fit/unfit'). Still, students' worries shouldn't be brushed off (like a pesky fly), just because it isn't a serious injury like a needlestick.

People in Cambridge, or at least the students could get appointments with their sch's occupational health and get their jabs in a quick succession of time. Why can't we? So what if we're in a different area? Besides, there are a couple of doctors there, with loads of nurses (who are sometimes quite useless coz they keep on having to go out to ask the docs everytime I ask them something). I really wonder at times, how do they get their jobs there??

That's my frustrated rant for the day. If I'm fast and lucky enough, I'll finish my significant event analysis, try to bribe the practice nurse with it tomorrow (coz it's about an incident that happened to her, and I'll spend the whole of tomorrow afternoon doing joabs, bloods and smears under her supervision), and hopefully, I'll charm the MMR jab out from her. Alternatively, I can forget about that, be non-immune to mumps (so let's hope no one with mumps comes into TTSH over the new year! if not, i'm doomed!), go to the gym, and sod this report as well as my audit. Of course, I'll regret it when I have to rush it over this weekend (which I won't have time to, coz I'll be packing or out every single day for the next week!).

Wadayah think?

Think I'll choose the former, and be a good little girl, before my blood pressure boils through the roof of my head while i keep thinking about it. *bubbling mesh of brain tissue seen through the skull with X-ray vision* Can't imagine? Well... too bad. I can. =P


I'll write about what happened this weekend later on. Report comes first. Then again, think I might start cooking chilli con carne first. =p