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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Tuesday was a day of falls

Tuesdays was a bad day. It was, literally, a day of falls. It warrants another post, definitely, at how unlucky/clumsy/silly it was, indeed.

But more about that later on.

On another note, JTI has found out about my blog. All because of me. Yes, silly me, yet again. When I left my computer unattended (he was sitting next to me in the bar today), you don't really expect people to look at whatever you have on your computer screen, etc, but apparently he did. And so, now he knows. Whether it's a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen. Let's see now... so far, it has been my sis and friends from home to view the blog and see what's going on in my life in the UK. Mostly, it's been for myself, to let out my thoughts and feelings, sort of a mini-journal (as it seems that I type faster than I write), so yes, it is for me to read back and bring back memories of old.

I never/don't expect people from UK to actually bother searching for it or reading it, coz it's just my life, and it's not exactly exciting or interesting.

However, as JTI has said, since it is a public blog, I can't stop people from reading it. So I guess, that until the time comes when my thoughts or posts are too intimate or personal for anyone to read, it will convert to private posts, or worse, a private blog.

Let's see how things go, shall we? Meanwhile, I really have to sleep for now. Tell you more about what happened today in the bar, as well as the dinner and movie later on. =) For now, nite nitey.