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Monday, November 01, 2004

The week with daylight savings

After an exciting weekend past, this week is slightly more relaxing, in that I went out almost every day of the week, but for the weekend, I only went out for 1 day. =P Like a difference it makes, no?

I went in every day for Anaesthetics, apart from the last day. Down here, it's considered extremely hardworking. And for that, I got 'rewarded' with putting in cannulae, bag-and-mask ventilation, and I got to intubate! Anaesthetics isn't that bad, I guess, it's just a lot of physiology and calculation in relation to the patient's weight and the dosage required to put them off to sleep and maintain it.

Wednesday, John (Ong) picked me up at my place to go bowling, and we stopped first at Hoo Hing to have lunch - good-tasting, affordable wanton mee. Lovely... =) But when we got there, apparently the offer for unlimited bowling for 6 quid was rescinded because it was half-term, and so it was the kids' arena, so as to speak. So we went back to school to play pool instead, and ti was way fun! Haven't played it in ages! Met JV after the 2nd game, so we got drinks instead. A 'Snakebite', as recommended by JV. I didn't really like it. =/

Had a volleyball home match on Thursday against Goldsmith's. This year is different. Chris is no longer the captain. Elaine is, and apparently now, I'm an essential player, coz I'm one of the 2 'professional' setters in the team, and the one with the most vball experience, so as to speak. It's strange, but I'm enjoying it. Being fifth year isn't too bad after all! Oh yeah, and we won 3 sets to 1. Think everyone just loves my serves, apart from the other team *grin* Now all I have to do now is to master the jump-serve. Now, that would be lethal. *wink*

Oooh... did I tell you? During and after the vball match, this guy (Caucasian guy, and really really cute too) tried to pick me up, i.e. started talking, then wanted to buy me a drink, yaddah yaddah. Alas, I had an Anaesthetics assessment the next morning, so I had to give it a miss. =( And, and.... I was in such a hurry to get changed and go back home to study that I forgot to pass him my number. Oh, dang it. *slaps forehead*

Windsor & Eton

Yup, been doing a lot of travelling around London recently. This week is to Windsor Castle. But since Eton was on the other side of the bridge, thought we'd just go and have a peek. From the start of the morning, it's been a surprise. First, it was just 3 of us - Clarence, Michelle and me. Then on Sat morning itself, Joel joined us, a nice surprise, coz we all got along really well, no hint of awkwardness or seniors/junior levels(all are in the lower years from me), just good company. =)

Got to Clapham, and another nice surprise. Because we were in a group of 4, we got a 4-for-2 network break, which worked out cheap for travel for all of us. Had lots of jokes along the way, got there and walked to Eton where we were stepping on graves and what not (apparently the school only opens for the public in Aug and Sept, and so we climbed onto rails and tried to peer in. Heh. Worked though.), and after that went for lunch, took a walk around the high street/Long Walk of Windsor, and spent the rest of the afternoon in Windsor Castle. Gorgeous day, sunny, not too breezy, and now I know a whole lot more of English History than I ever did! Attended Evensong as well, though think the rest of the 3 were falling asleep at the beginning of it! =p Came back to Tooting for dinner at Jaffna house, and met a new junior along the way. Seems like I'm getting to know more people, but only when I'm about to leave the school!

Spent Sunday lazing and reading my book, then went out for lunch with Stan who drove down from Croydon. Enjoyable day, realising how much junk I have.

Just started public health, where we got a project on HRT, so now it's lots of journal and collating of all the info (as I'm the co-ordinator of the final product before the presentation on Friday). Nice, eh?


I'm just a little peeved about my GP placement, or rather, the OSCE at the end of it. Just because it is too much trouble for the GP, he doesn't want to change the date of the OSCE, while other GP practices have put the date forward for the OSCEs for the rest of the students, such that they can go off earlier for their elective. Damn.