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Monday, December 27, 2004

First Day in A&E and TTSH

Spent the morning settling admin stuff in NUS (awfully slow, though the person in charge was nice enough to apologize for the waiting bit, and there was nice idle chit-chat), and more admin at TTSH (where I found that there's another student from Sydney also doing the same elective as me, and after that, we're both headed for KK, while I'm doing Paeds, she's doing O&G.) It's a small world indeed, coz she says that she knows jeff. I bet he doesn't even remember who she is. Heh. (actually, he does, after speaking to him).

Shift started at 3pm. After a 2 hr long induction (being shown around the hospital, TTSH and history, etc), we started on the shopflloor. First case was a standby, where I met Yan! He was the MO taking care of the case. So surprising, coz I didn't know he was gonna be at TTSH, let alone the ER dept. Throughout the shift, saw a trauma case (we're not sure if that was due to status, or the other way round), a hypoglycaemic case, chest pain, abdo pain, etc. Some of the time was spent orientating myself, finding out where things, were, how to send off bloods, X-rays, etc (since it's my first day there) , but got to do a number of procedures - bloods, IV plugs, dextrose injection/infusion, catheterisation, and yes, I did my first manual evacuation today before doing an enema (if u don't know that, then better not ask, coz it might just gross u out). What an eventful first day. Heh.

I was up since 6.30 this morning, and only found out late that I was on the afternoon shift aka 3-11pm. I'll be on the PM shift all the way till thurs, then on Friday, will be on from 10.30pm (NYE!?!?!?) till 8.30am on NY's day! Hmm... not good timing.

We'll see how. Now, I'm tired. and my feet ache really badly (not a gd thing to wear new shoes on the first day u start work). I think my feet just don't go with heels. Full-stop. Time for stoning.

Oh yeah, saw this really cute MO, whom I think just came from UK. Incidentally, he reminds me of DK. No offence, dude. =P