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Sunday, December 19, 2004

first week back

have been in taiwan for a couple of days this week. Only came back on Friday. On the trip itself, I had a great big culture shock. Had totally forgotten about the well-known Singaporean kiasu-ism - everyone was rushing to be first, be it on the plane or luggages, or seats on the coach or breakfast or seeing products being sold, etc. Quite jia lat lah.... Had to take a couple of days to re-adjust to the mentality. Seems like not coming back for more than a year is detrimental - i've become too relaxed and mellowed. Bleah.

Taiwan itself is supposed to be winter. Guess what the temperature was - 22-25 degrees. Haiz.. Had an overload of Mandarin and Hokkien during this period, after a long interval not absolutely no usage at all. Another shock. Heh. Not too bad... Still uderstandable, and I could still be understood. =P Lots of food, lots of shopping, not much to see apart from lots of hills. Good food though. =)


Sat, 18 Dec 2004

First time in a long time that I went to play beach vball. Horrible weather though. Play halfway, the rain poured relentlessly. So I went to cut my hair instead, and ended up with a red head (not becoz I wanted it, but becoz it came out the wrong colour/shade!) "Enuff said. Don't think this head is suitable for hospital though. Bleah.


Sunday, the next day, which in effect, is today

... was a day of rushing. Went to the temple in the morning, then rushed home to go out again to meet the canoeists for lunch. My coach, surprisingly came too! So the 8 of us, most of which haven't meet for abt 5 years, finally got together again. Some changed, some didn't. Some still played sport actively. Ultimately, we all looked more grown-up. =)

After that, met Lit for coffee. Wanted to go to Max Brenner's (supposedly good chocolate, issit?) but the rest of my teammates were there, so we changed venue to Pacific Coffee instead. Had a gd enjoyable catch-up, in the midst of looking for cushion-y seats, learning how to make stars, and talking. Heh. =)

And yes, I suck at directions. Felt so sua-ku today. Bleah. Bus stops, new buildings. Haiz... I give up. Let me just drive, and someone else directs.

Had a 4 hr indoor vball session tonight at SMU, courtesy of Sugargal and her friends. U know something? The strange thing is that there are so many guys playing, and only 3 girls on court, and in a couple of sets, we won! Whereas in London, it's so difficult to get guys in a team! At least in my school lah. Oh well. It was good today though, playing with a different set of people. And almost everyone was speaking Chinese or Hokkien! It was just so hilariously funny! =P

Now shagged out, but JV is coming over to go for supper. Yummy. =)