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Sunday, December 26, 2004

gonna start my elective tmr. TTSH.

First stop: NUS. Not allowed to report elsewhere until I get admin sorted out.

Second stop, supposedly the hospital. Was just receiving txts from a friend who works at NUH. He says that I'll mostly be doing bloods and IV plugs. bleah. Let's hope some interesting cases come along.

Let's also hope my brain has retained whatever knowledge that I 'seemed' to have gotten from studying for finals.


On another note, met up with my jc gang today for coffee. Everyone seems the same, yet mroe grown-up. Haiz... how time flies.

Then at night, went to meet relatives. Wasn't too bad. They said I looked/am more grown-up/feminine (?!?!). haiz...

Not looking forward to tmr. Most prob I'll make a fool of myself, and ended up tripping over tourniquets or something. Bleah.