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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I'm at the airport now, flying out again this evening, into another country for a couple of days, before flying back to start my attachment. =p

Yesterday, we had quite a successful gathering of george's people, judging from those who came back to singapore (which was surprisingly quite a number for the December period), and we had this asian buffet at Kuali at Suntec. Not too bad food, good turnout of people, not to mention, a couple of us (Joel, JV and his sis, Clarence and me) played tennis earlier in the afternoon. Haven't played in ages, but well, it didn't turn out too badly. Hope can play more these couple of weeks. =)

Also had supper the past 2 nights. Been to various places, courtesy of JV and his car. =p And went to recce out TTSH today, as well as get working clothes and shoes, considering that all my stuff, at least the presentable ones, are all back in London! More later, after I come back, i guess. I just got reminded that my terminal/connection is going to be terminated in 2 mins. Argh...

You know what? Somehow I dread being back here, yet I'm happy to be back as well. Haiz.. confusing, no? Long story lah...