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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

More to come

Another late night tonight, yet again. This is the what... 5th night? since Sat? What in the world have I been doing?? And to think, I was sick all this time as well... =P

Oh well, got lots of thoughts to jot down, but will do that tomorrow or so. thursday, depending on how much time I have. Haven't even packed yet! Oh well.. Guess taht will have to wait. Lsast day of GP tomorrow. Hurray! No more travelling! =p

Gotta sleep now. more later onm. =) Suggestions on what to bring back, anyone?


Anyway, now is end of jan, and i'm trying to think back to 2 months ago to remember wha happened, courtesy of my diary, which is a very good aid indeed. Anyway, to continue from where I stopped, I think i didn't go in for GP on that Friday, coz of my sore throat. Went back to sleep that morning, and woke up later in the day for a talk about the foundation application form. After that, stayed in the lecture theatre to talk to Mika. Fu was there as well, and so the 3 of us just talked ages then, even after we left the LT and just stood outside it talking. That wasn't too bad. Tried to do a bit of packing that night.

the next morning, went to meet Hsin Hui in central. He's my ex-classmate from JC and is now in London for 3 years to study and work at the same time, courtesy of this company, PWC. Usually when I come back, I'll see him for class gatherings. After all, he's the CT rep too. =p Anyway, we went to see the Tower of London (yeah yeah, I've been there for 4 years and have not been to ToL yet... but I had a combination ticket from Hampton Court Palace previously), and it was so amazing. Now, as you have seen from my last posts, I have been touring the various historical sites of UK, mainly the palaces, and as such, I've been learning lots about the History of England and its predecessors. This was no different. The guide was a great story teller, keeping his audience captive with his tales of murder and intrigue and his sense of humour. However, for me, the main draw was the Crown Jewels. We saw snippets of the Queen's Coronation in 1985 (I think), and went roun to see the glittering shinies, and boy was it heavily guarded, in the sense of thick (about the length of my 13th inch tv at home) metal dorrs with alarm systems, plus guards all around. It was a bonus really, coz initially i didnt' even know that the crown jewels were kept there!

After spending a couple of hours there, we had seen enough and ventured out to take pictures of tower hill in the background, and walk along the river. We passed by city hall (it's this really weird looking round building along the river thames), and since it was open (only on certain weekends), we decided to pop up. If not for the cloudiness, the skyline of London would have been gorgeous, especially since it was evening. Nevertheless, we came down and jus tsat outside, (yes, in the cold, but it wasn't that cold really) and just talked while the sun set. Then we adjorned to E&C where I brought him to eat Da Wan Mian.

Lovely day catching up and all. If only everyday was like that, eh?

Sunday, 5 Dec 2004

This is the weekend before I was supposed to fly off, and I haven't started to pack! But never mind, I still went out.

Met Wanx for lunch together with a couple of Cambridge people in Chinatown for lunch, then came back home to tooting to finish up my reports, then on to Joel's place for dinner. He was nice enough to invite me over when he cooked chicken rice (i haven't had that in london before!), and it was actaully quite good, with the exception of no chilli lah. There, it was joel, me and Ks. Jeff joined us later for a short while after this church. After he left, I went to say bye to Noah, and we all ended up in his room, playing the guitar, and singing along. Way cool. If I don't remember wrongly, one of them commented on something like ' Erm.. C_, have you ever thought about dropping medicine for singing?' Heh... not too bad, eh. =)


Last 4 days in London

Mon to wed were full days. In the sense that I went in to GP everyday in the morning, then in the afternoon, there was a tutorial on mon pm, where I handed in all my assignments and gave my last presentation. Had a farewell dinner with Mika, Doug and Fu that night. Good thing catching up andall.

Tues, same routine, but in the afternoon, went to the nursing home, Tupwood Gate (for demented elderlies) to spend a couple of hours there and see what it's like. Got to help out a bit with the feeding and bringign them around. After that, went for my last vball training. Had a touching scene with Mikey and Elaine, but it was quite sad really, coz she's losing 2 of her best players, one who is going to fly off, and the other who is going for an op, before the cup finals, and the other essential matches.

After that, headed to halls where JV actually cooked dinner, and we sat there talking and eating, then Joel walked me halfway home. He was nice to offer to walk me all the way home, but since it was the opposite diretion of his place, I told him to go home. =)

Gave chocolates to my tutor and one of the nurses who was really so kind to me for my last day at GP, then spent the rest of the time going to school to settle stuff (with the name change which they so obviously could do but didn't previously, and messed up my name such that I'm registered with HALF of my chinee name instead. but anyway, that is all settled now. Thank goodness.) At night was crash packing and sorting out my room, but took time out to have a cup of hot chocolate and talk to Siobhan a bit. =) Thursday was spent making a round of returning books at the public library, and going to sainsbury to get some coffee for my auntie then back home sort out the final stuff for K, my housemate who's supposed to help with stuff when I'm gone, same as when she was gone.

And so I left, an empty house on Thursday evening, which I won't see for the next 3 months. Enroute to Heathrow. Yay.