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Monday, December 20, 2004

piano tinkering

I've finally tinkered on my beloved piano. a quiet morning, but late. =P Spent it chilling, reading newspapers and playing the piano. After what? 5 years of literally no-touching or seeing the piano. Not good. The ivory keys are turning yellow, and it's not as in tune as it used to be. (My sis and I both use it, but usually i'm the one who maintains it, but after I left, kept reminding my sis to keep it in tune. Apparently that fell on deaf ears. =/)

Nevertheless, it was a great feeling to feel my fingers running along the keys. They are not as nimble as it used to be. But 'I could still play a few of my previous grade 8 pieces, could barely sight-read my diploma pieces, and tinkled out a couple of new tunes which came into mind.

And the piano is closed, to wait for another day to be utilized and loved.


I didn't realise MacRitchie was so quiet and peaceful and serene early in the morning. After supper with J, we went for a drive, and ended up at the reservoir. Made me think of all the cross-country runs that I used to dread for 6 years from sec to JC, but ran it either way. The sounds, the sky (could stargaze, but forgot all my asrtonomy knowledge which has gone rusty without use)... It's such a nice feeling. =) Though we got a shock walking through the lake pathway, where there were bodies sprawled all over, with pple sleeping at the corners. We stayed till 3-ish in the morning. Great time. Few cars (apart from crazy pple like us), easy to cruise home. =)

Okay, heading out now. More later.


Oh yeah, I've realised that I've officially destroyed my hair and the quality of it. =(