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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Skirts vs the cold - which one wins?

London has reached its coldest yet tonight, of 0 to -1 degree, and it's barely the end of November! I'm half-glad that I'm able to leave this freezing cold weather sometime next week. Then again, I'll miss the weather, however chilly it might be. Guess it takes me 4 years to look forward to cold weather. It was a novelty at first, then that subsequently wore off, and I either felt neutral or irritated with the weather, depending on how cold it would get. This time, maybe because I spent summer here, I was looking forward to autumn and winter, however much I may seem to rant.


'Oh my, look, C_ is actually wearing a skirt! Look at her!'
'What? Why?'
(asked by puzzled freshers who were looking between me and him at the opposite ends of the room)
'Because it's rare to see C_ in a skirt! Look! Skirt's too short... (For a knee-length? Yeah, right) Showing lots of leg...' (something to that extent)

That's what JTI commented on today when I saw him.

Come to think of it, it's true. Don't think JTI has ever seen me in a skirt. Then again, dun think anyone has seen me in one here in London. It's a rare sight indeed. My usual attire will be sports gear, casual jeans and top, or trousers.

That links me to what I wanted to say. It's because of the cold that I usually wear trousers to the hospital. Not to mention, it's so much more convenient, and easier to run/chase/bend to pick up case notes from the trolley. Guess that's a subconscious decision. I only noticed recently (make it 4 years late) about this pattern, and therefore I started wearing skirts sometime into the 2nd week of GP, and yes, in the midst of the weather actually getting cold. And I've realised that it is not that bad really. As long as I have tights on and don't go out bare-legged, it feels alright. Forgotten how much I love wearing skirts, but lost confidence somewhere along the way when my sisters commented on my size (both of my sisters can be counted as anorexic when compared to me. Heh). And so now, I've actually managed to wear 2 whole weeks of a feminine, lady-like attire, without having to run or be 'cho loh' or be frozen to ice blocks. And no, that doesn't mean my trousers will go. Will leave that for a lazy day, when I actually dun feel like dressing up. =)


That reminds me of a conversation (make that more of a one-sided exclamation) I had with JTI on MSN sometime on Friday. It was quite amusing really.

JTI: shall we have an outing to halls this sunday? (going to help the freshers revise for their exams next week, like what both of us did for last year's freshers as well)
JTI: You look gorgeous in a tiara!
JTI: Just like a princess!
Zena: huh? Are you trying to be annoying?
JTI: your shoulders look so sexy in that photo! (referring to my photo on MSN)
JTI: It should be on the cover of a magazine!
Zena: Are you feeling very hyper today?
JTI: No!
JTI: I'm not hyper!
JTI: My exclamation key is stuck!
Zena: Yeah right...
JTI: Really!

...and a couple more sentences of that conversation, which I can't remember right now. I've concluded that he was being hyper and crappy (which he said he definitely was not), and trying to bribe me into going down to halls over the weekend. Alternatively, he was just being mischievous. And I think he should do that and joke more often! He's just too serious at times (or at least he tries to look that way, most probably to scare off potential quivering freshies to make them tremble to their toes at the sight of him. Heh). =P


Okay, back to work for me. One report down, one more audit (which is taking a hell of a lot of time), and a presentation on friday which has not been touched. And I have a match tomorrow night. That means that I have to have 2 more late nights (which makes a total of 2 weeks of late nights for sleep-deprived me. Blogging doesn't help either) of tying up loose ends (crap, I haven't handed in my elective report yet!). Bugger.

I really think a panda would have serious competition against me for the characteristics aka colour of its eyes. I would most prob win it, hands-down. Bleah.