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Monday, December 27, 2004

You know, J...

Don't know how, don't know why, our seemingly innocent conversation turned into a revelation of sorts.

I didn't realise you thought of some of our conversations as a point-scoring sort of conversation.
I never thought of it as such.
We are different.
Friends supposedly don't score points against each other.

Sometimes, perhaps, subconsciously, I act that way when you get really patronizing.
Too patronizing, at times to the point of insulting.
I seemingly don't have a brain.
And that's infuriating.

However, the way the conversations turned out.
That was never my intention. That's the way I usually joke with friends.
But, apparently, for you, it's trying, and a chore.
It's quite sad that that's the way you feel.
I shan't say sorry, coz I'm not.
I guess it's just not meant to be.