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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Birthday weekend

Just spent the first day of the weekend running errands, and guess what? Painting the house, or at least the car porch. And that was after washing carpets, in preparation of next week's big cleanup before CNY. Just finished, and I still have more housework to do. You know, it seems as if I do more housework here, than I do back in London! Hmm... what's happening here?

On another note, last weekend was spent meeting 2 groups of schoolmates from UK who stopped over in Singapore for a few days (with JTI), before flying to another part of the world.

Oh yeah, went to chiong again on Wed. Actually, had arranged it for my sis, but didn't realise that they were so strict with the age limit thingy at the club where I went to. hmm... oh yes, JTI has flown off as well. To the cold region of the US, what with all the blizzards in Boston. Let's hope he doesn't freeze his ass off. That reminds me, I won't get to see him till finals, probably. =( In fact, I won't get to see many people till finals exams, not even my housemates. =( Haiz....

Have been busy with Paeds... Jus realised that Singapore kids really need lots of bribing before you can do anything else on them. Hmph.

anyway, a little shameless promoting on behalf of my sister (and that the goodies actually taste quite good)...

Brownies! $12 per tin. got 5 flavours! Triple chocolate with macademia nuts, triple choc with chocolate chips, rum and raisin (in which the raisins are literally soaked in alcohol..overnight. to give it its flavour.) Brownie Tangerine (orange-flavoured lah.) and Brownies in its ol' Original goodness! Please buy and support me and my partner(business)! Support young local entrepreneurs!!! Can contact me (Corinna!): 98529584 or Shihan(partner..): 97278746

Right now, I'm going to do more housework. Bleah.