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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Losing weight

I just went swimming this morning, and it so happens that at the ticketing machine, there was a weighing machine, so therefore i went to weigh myself, and lo-and-behold, I'm actually on the dot (minus the bag and the sandals). Now, the last time I weighed myself was in November, when I was doing my GP rotation at Caterham (when there wasn't any one looking, I would weigh meself in on one of the available machines floating around. At the beginning, I weighed halfway over 50 kg (that was my stagnant weight though, for the past number of years since JC I think). Throughout the 5 weeks, I seem to get lighter. Maybe it was becoz I was missing meals (when you're busy running around and doing stuff, you tend to forget your stomach, even when it growls, until you looked at the clock and go, 'omg, it's that late already?'

So by the time I flew back, I had lost about 4 kg. However, going to Taiwan and Thailand and eating my fill of fatty foods (yeah yeah, I'm going to die of fatty arteries and a heart attack soon enough), I had put back on more weight (didnt' weigh myself per se, but judging from my joints creaking ever so often, I can tell that I've put on weight). So same weight where it's usually stagnant.

Over the past 5 weeks, have been going to the hospital everyday (apart from weekends), eating lots (what do you expect when you meet up with friends for dinner and coffee at places where they have sumptuous crepes or seafood or mouth-watering dessert at Coffee Club, or coffee at the various coffee houses with lots of whipped cream to boot), walking lots, running around lots (with heels some more, and I can say that I'm getting better at it, although by the time I get back to London, this skill would have diminished yet again), and yet when I visit relatives and friends, they said I have lost weight, lots of it, such that it's very noticeable from the last time they saw me (which was like 2 years ago).

Strange though, coz usually for winter, people are supposed to put on fats for insulation purposes (amongst others), and yet I seem to lose it since I'm back. Can't say I'm doing more sports than in London (in fact, I'm doing less, becoz by the time I come home, it's either too late or I'm too tired). Can say I'm eating more than in London. Maybe it's the singapore weather. Or maybe it's the activities of mine (which amounts to not much anyway). I must say though that losing weight has its advantages - I can fit into more skirts than ever before (though I still can't wear my sisters' stuff coz they are both smaller size than me anyway). Guess that's the main advantage? Well.. my bones don't creak so much too, so that's good. =)

But still I wonder... is losing weight all that good? Docs everywhere tell patients to lose weight (esp if they are obese for health reasons of course). I've heard friends (both girls AND guys) lament that they need to lose weight, etc, when their BMI is barely 20! What's all this thing about excessive weight loss?! Am I becoming one of them?? I think not! I'm just wondering how long can I maintain this weight till. Who knows? If I continue like this, I can drop to a size 8 (heh. ain't that sweet...), and maybe into nothingness (now that is excessive).

Continue obsessively weighing? Bah. Can't be bothered. Would rather spend time reading me book (started on a new one - waiting to exhale. Wondering what's the hoo-ha about this book which was made into a movie that I didn't catch).


Going back to swimming, did 22 laps today. First time I swam in over 3 years. Not a bad start. =) Only thing with this is, can't listen to music while I swim, unlike when I jog. Heh. =p

Met 2 Cedarians at the pool. Actually, didn't realise they were there till both called out to me. Both were my team mates, one my junior, the other my captain. Good time catching up. come to think of it, have not met anyone from my sec sch in ages. Hmm...


Hey people, weekend is out, coz most prob will be celebrating my birthday over the weekend with my family. Weekdays this week and next week instead? =p