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Friday, January 21, 2005


It's been a busy 3 weeks. When I have the time, I will blog it down. But right now, I'm sort of in over my head! Too busy....

I've finished A&E, and started on Paeds. Am paired with a lovely local group, M4s. And they are extremely hardworking! =/ And down here, the docs (esp one female HO) are a bit ' niao' about students wearing white coats. Hmph.

More later. btw, application done, somewhat....

Yup, the gist of my application is done. With the immense help of Dee (went over to her place last night, and spend the better part of it talking, as usual, and so ended up leaving her place at 4am. Thank goodness i had the car that night), I am somewhat clearer in what's I need to put in. Guess I can do it myself too, but two heads are always better than one. =p

16 Jan, Sunday
I spent the whole morning and afternoon ironing. Was ironing my dad's shirts, and I should say.. men's shirts are a pain to iron. Why can't there be creaseless shirts for men? Most of my tops are creaseproof! I admire the guys who iron their own shirts to a perfectionistic creaselessness. (that brings to mind, docs and med students need to wear smart, creaseless shirts to look sharp, and if they do their own ironing, good on them).

After that, was the usual 4-hour vball session. Just right, we had 12 people. Way fun. Instead of playing subset (somethign like a setter but not the main one), I got to play centre and wings, and I definitely love the wings! =D More of those if you please. Miss spiking the balls, man...

Started at KK for Paeds this week. It's been a mish-mash of tutorials, clerking patients, and lectures. I've forgotten lots, but slowly getting back my memory as I read through the chapters again. Went for a Genetics outpatient clinic, which was fantastic. the prof was amazingly nice and explained quite a bit. Now I know more about Thal than I used to. Heh. Oh, and there are a number of elective students who is also doing Paeds, one of whom is rfom Imperial, and I know of her bf. Small world, eh?

Incidentally, the Prof is also JTI's supervisor (he's there doing Paeds as well). And she's full of praises about him - he was the first one to diagnose, in the lab, a patient with some DPL deficiency (or something llike that). In addition to other presentations and papers he was given/written, she hopes that he's going to be a Paediatrician. His other siblings also work in KK apparently (bro a Paed reg, sis a O&G A/C). Why is this family so very brilliant? Maybe we should dissect his brains for further experimentation. =p

Going back to Paeds, we went to A&E, coz we couldn't get a place in the cardiac clinic (damn the M5s, coz they are revising for finals lah, so can't be helped too), and after the couple of hours, talked to the reg about paeds in singapore. The scenario she depicted was really depressingly terrible. If one really wants to do Paeds, either come back as a HO and not as an MO (coz then you would have to work your way around the various rotations to get noticed), or come back as a consultant (usually you wouldn't want to come back by then), or come back after you get your specialist number (depending on the demand for registrar's then). Each year, only 6 trainees are chosen, 3 for KK and 3 for NUH. Then again, this depends on demand, who you know, what you've done, etc. Well, I guess with competition comes the trouble of this all.

Yesterday was a usual day, with tutorials, and went up to the ward to clerk patients. Not very productive, coz the child and mum were not very cooperative (understandable as they have already been through 3 sets of docs), so I managed to coax the story out from the grandmother instead, while the other 2 students looked on (one couldn't understand chinese, the other just came up to the ward).

Met JTI who had invited me to go to Zouk with him and his friends the night before (was already at home, so didn't bother). According to him, he went home and 3am, and was in by 9am. Goodness, he can survive with little sleep.

Don't know why, but he seems to have this preoccupation with me-skirts-sexy-red hair. I can't understand. Nm.

Was invited by Les to go for the NHG premier screening of Elektra at Suntec last night. It was like Daredevil, so don't bother watching, unless u really really like Jennifer Garner (which I do, esp when she's so amazing in Alias). =)

After that, we went to Pasir Ris to have dinner. Not before stopping at Fort Road first. Apparently at Katong Park, it has been found to have remnants of a fort from ancient times and that has been uncovered in various parts of the park. I'm thinking, by the next time I come back, that whole area would have been excavated to search for the remnants.

but going back to Pasir Ris, this Fishermen's Village is amazing. Great atmosphere, lovely sea breeze, beach unspoiled by lights or ships, slightly pricey food (but that's to be expected), great chillout music (depends on which restaurant you go to). Not noisy or populated like East Coast. A definite place to visit again. Great chioce, Les! =D

Just finished reading Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code'. Didn't find it that good. Maybe becoz it was a fragmented read (didn't read it all in a day). But I still prefer ' Angels and Demons'.

Now back to Paeds books.