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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I have kind of realised why wanting to be back here for CNY is a novelty, and why when it is actually here, the feeling has waned. Apart from relatives that you don't get to see more than once a year (some maybe more) and trying to make small talk, the only other advantage is the ang pows. Oh yes, and the reunion dinner last night as well. Finally had a sit-down meal with my sister's fiance. And yes, first time in 5 years that the whole family is together in the same house again. Lovely.

On another note, I've finished my elective proper. Shall write more about it when I actually make time to sit down and blog it all out. Met up with Don and Fengyi to talk - both have suggested doing HO in sg. I'm inclined to agree, yet I'm being pulled both sides. Darn.... Why? Lots of reasons that shouldn't be delved into now.

Comments... I need more perspectives... do housemanship in SG vs UK?