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Monday, March 21, 2005

Did I mention that over the past 3 weeks, my patients and even non-patients flirted with me during the ward rounds, after that when I was taking bloods?

...it's not painful when a pretty girl like you is taking my blood....
.. I wouldn't mind coming into hospital if I get to see you everyday...

btw, they are elderly gentlemen, sometimes with their wives there when I go to take their blood!

I also got stopped twice along the corridors of the hospital I'm at now... and I don't even know the people! They were just walking along the corridors, and so was I, minding my own business, when...
... Excuse me, are you by any chance free for a drink tonight?...
...Hi there, would you like to go out tonight?...

Never in the years I've been in the hospital that this has happened.

It's either...
1. They haven't seen that many chinese/asian females (it's a predominantly white area here).
2. I've suddenly exuded this envelope of charisma that is overwhelming.
3. My looks have changed so dramatically, that I've become that much more attractive (?!)

I certainly hope it's number 3, if not, I'm wondering, who in the world am I attracting?!