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Friday, March 18, 2005

Easter Week is coming!

It's not that I celebrate Easter. I don't. But I'm so excited, simply because I am going to get a break then. Right now, 1 of my house officers have gone on leave, my SHO is on nights, and my Reg is nowhere in sight. A locum has come to take over the missing HO, but on monday, it's just me and the locum and the consultant. Ain't that brillant? And you know what? I can't even sign anything apart from blood forms simply because if not, the hospital will have a liability. Heh. Too bad, eh....

They are an awfully nice bunch, well, some of them anyway. I shouldn't really be complaining, but it's just a lot of running around. At least this week isn't as bad as last week. Being on take on Monday wasn't that bad too (but it ended bloody late). Got to present my patients, got to report a couple of x-rays and ECGs, and was praised for my presentation by my consultant during post-take (yippee!), but my management skills aren't up to par. I'm still hesitating over what is essential for the patient, and what's not, worrying about the cost, when it's not even an issue here at all!

I just had a couple of hours of teaching from the Reg, which was excellent. And I stayed back in CCU, looking through this whole portfolio of ECGs they had, and it was great. Got tested by the staff nurse there (he was an absolute darling and was brillant!) and got my doubts and fears removed about several tough ECGs. Confidence has improved. I can roughly say, I'm sort of prepared for ECGs for tomorrow's CCU ward round (where you're thrown to the sharks literally), and the cardiac clinic later on that afternoon (murmurs and the works. Fantastic). In addition, there's cardiology teaching in CMEC for the docs during lunchtime. Lovely. And I wasted 2 weeks not knowing about that, until I found out about it this afternoon. Bleah. Hmm... wondering, can I do Paediatrics, with a special interest in Cardiology? Or A&E, with cardiology thrown in? Hell... why not just the MRCP and go into Cardio? =p

Not going back to Tooting this weekend. Going to travel to Fareham/Swanwich for the weekend, and visit a friend there. He's gonna bring me around to the beach! And to think, I forgot to bring my camera down. =( I'll be back in London for Easter weekend though. Now I just have to gear up for Monday and Tuesday, and hope I won't be killed by paperwork and walking around. Heh.


On the other hand, I've had my hands full (with searching for Europe trips for my family when they come in June), on the computer until my eyes are very nearly popping out. Literally. Think my degree has just shot up by 50.

Now that that is more or less settled, I've to book my ticket back home (at the end of the year, coz it's 2 of my best friend's wedding - to each other!), and that is somewhat settled as well. Now is plaaning for my trip to the US, and boy, are the air tickets expensive! I think I'm going to go broke at the end of it. Then again, maybe even before I leave for US! =(


One of tje present housemates brought down her DVD player, and yesterday, since another housemate was sick, he stayed in, and started watching 24. I came back, and plopped in front of the tv, with much skepticism. However, by the end of one episode, I was hooked! Boy, is it good! Then again, it's not really a good storyline. Just espionage at its medium, and there's this really cute guy who's half bald (no, no, I'm not that shallow!), I'm just saying he's good-looking, that's all!), but I think it's the timed seconda (out loud) which keep me riveted, and wanting to know what happens next. Boy, I'm a sucker for drama.