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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Haha... being wound up again...

JTI, being his usual self, is being flippant.

Me: What's the significance of Palm Sunday?
JTI: Its when palmpilot users commemorate their victory over PcoketPC.

I almost burst out laughing, here in the corner of the hospital computer room in Chichester, but then, people might think I'm mad.

JTI's little 'perk-me-up' for the day. A smile.


I went to Fareham/Southampton this weekend, thanks for SF's invitation. Huge, gorgeous places, Sat was spent going around Fareham and Southampton, shopping, and I've bought a duck! I spied it in the window (I resisted all temptation to spend anything in the earlier shops), and once I entered this shop, I was drawn to it like a magnet (the duck was calling out to me!), and I succumbed to it. Yes, I bought the duck. Now it sits on my chair, waiting to welcome me home from a hard days's work. =)

But, I digress. Southampton is huge. Fareham is slightly smaller. Lee-on-the-Solent was just gorgeous. It's this stretch of pebbly beach, un-destroyed by too many humans walking around or commercial shops lining the bay (unlike Brighton). We just sat there, having lunch, enjoying the sun (Yes! It's officially Spring!) and the sea breeze (ultra chilly but nice-smelling). They actually have houses just across the road. Imagine living in one of those houses, drifting to sleep or waking up every morning to the sound of the waves, the smell of the sea (and little traffic), the sight of the vast horizon. Luxury.

Today, after a nice breakfast of toast and chatting with SF's landlady, SF and I headed off to Holly Hill Woodland Park. Not-so-dense stretch of forestry, the canopy allows quite a bit of light to pass through, and after an hour of enjoying the breeze, listening to the whistle of the wind in the leaves, we came to a lake with mandarin ducks (anyone thinking of roast duck here?), and we fed them the bread we brought with us. The properties we passed were magnificent huge bungalows, some with tennis courts in their backyards! Along the way were the typical English cottages. Lovely. It was so relaxing, not having to think about anything, not having to plan anything, just enjoying the moment as it is. One of life's precious moments.

After a cup of tea at the house (we headed back since we had a bit of time), we headed in the other direction, towards Hamble Foreshore, and continue along a new path not known to SF (we were just trying our luck), and after trudging on for a good 40-50 mins (when SF was ready to turn back, and I wasn't), we finally came to our destination of the village of Warsash (walking along swampland on one side, and the River Hamble with yachts and sails on the other, with no sight of a crossing), where we had planned to have Sunday roast.

Up into the pub we went, and good food it was. By then, it was a little late for the bus, so I took a later bus back. Silly me, fell asleep on the train back, one stop before Chichester, and so, I missed the stop, having woken up just as the doors closed. And so I took a detour from Barnham, and my return time was delayed by a good 40 mins.

Oh well, explored the tour of Chichester a little more, and now here I am, typing this entry. I'm energized and ready to go for the new week. Maybe because of this weekend just past, or maybe it's coz I'm heading back to Tooting on Tuesday (by hook or by crook).

Okay, time for me to go back and cook dinner now. Till later.