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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Why? Because I just got called by the PRHO office this morning, and I've been told that I've been taken out of clearing. And the reason for that? When they've gone through the selection lists again, and it seems that me and another candidate have been selected first choice by various consultants (of our first choice), and it was decided that I would get the job, which is my first choice!

And so now, from someone who had none of her choices of jobs and had to go through Clearing, it has changed dramatically to me getting my first choice on my original list of jobs! And so, it seems that I'm staying at George's.

A miracle. Never expected. I am thankful.

* There's a niggling worry in my mind that the PRHO office will call back and say that there ha been another mistake, and actually, I have to go through Clearing again....