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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Let's see how fast this entry can be typed, before I head off to the bank and to the library to do a bit of work before meeting having a 'house' lunch. =)

Update on the house/noise/mess situation

The landlord has been notified last weekend. He came down to do some gardening, and so K and I sat down and had a talk with him about what has been happening in the house, all the problems that have arisen since SR moved in. Oh, and that morning, before U went to work, she took out 4 containers of food which had apparently been in the fridge for 4 weeks and left a message for us (that if it is ours to throw out, but if it is SR's, get her to throw it out).

Anyway, the gist of it was that the landlord agreed with us that this cannot go on, and he will give her a stern warning (which he did that afternoon itself) about the problems in the house, as well as how the contract is only for 1 person, and not for 2 people. Apparently, she quickly agreed to everything that was said.

That night, and subsequent nights (Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs), her bf still stayed over. Noise is still being made. But the mess in the kitchen has been cleared up. The fridge is in an acceptable state. And.... she has turned hostile (which is understandable, but it has become like that due to her own actions!). Oh well, the landlord should be coming this weekend sometime, and he shall know about it, courtesy of the whole house again.

On the other hand, Sib has come back home! And M has finally appeared in the house! =D


Rats and Mice

I have learnt that there is a mice epidemic around the areas I live in in London, and that only occurs in spring. I have learnt that mice traps actually DO work, somewhat. I have learnt that mice can crawl up the stairs/pipes, coz it has appeared in my room. No I haven't managed to catch the darn little bastards, but mark my words, I will one day! They have made a hole in the floor of my room at the corner, bitten away a whole chunk of carpet, and yes, bitten through plastic to get to my pork floss and sesame seeds! Gah!

I have vacuumed my whole room, made sure no food is left in the open, thrown away lots of rubbish (so that they can't hide in deep dark corners), blocked the hole with plastic bags and mepore tape/surgical tape lah (which they have bitten through, the persistent little buggers), pooured rat/mice poison down the hole (and hope they bleed to death for being so very greedy), placed mousetraps all over my room (now I just have to make sure I don't trigger any off, if not, my toe of finger might get snapped off!).

I'll catch you, you little buggers....


Now.... what else have I been up to?

I have finally finished my elective reports and handed them in.

I participated in an 'Acute Admissions Day' at Kingston University, where student nurses are in a room simulated to be MAU/SAU. Medical students who have said they want to attend, go and act as actual doctors (Yes! I got to write my own prescriptions and sign for stuff!). It was a great experienceI must say. It was supposed to be me and 2 other medical students, but they didn't turn up, so I was the sole 'doctor' there. It was humbling indeed to be the only one having to manage emergencies, and knowing the doses of drugs given, and deciding whether to transfuse a person. Little intricate things which as medical students, you don't think about, simply becoz the nurses would have done it already (eg. neuro obs in a head injury patient every 15 mins).

Next would be 'Trauma Day', also at the same place, done by the same organisers. I'm looking forward to it lots! =)


I have finally done my GP OSCE, after a 5 month delay. (I didn't take it previously in December 2004, coz I needed to fly back early 1 day, and therefore I postponed it till the next one, which was ont he last day of my medicine shadows. Thankfully, I got signed offone week early (coz I worked through Easter), and so, once again, I travelled down to familiar Caterham. Missed rushing for the early morning trains, having the cold wind blast against my face, and having to wake up from my sleepy self becoz of it and compose myself before I reach the GP practice. Lovely times. =)

Had the GP OSCE, where there were 4 stations, and I did well in 2 of them (in the sense that I got almost full marks for them, and I know coz we were all given our mark sheets to look through), and 2 stations which were so screwed, esp the one with the pill. Bleah. Anyway, that's over. Caught up with the practice nurse after my OSCE. So lovely to see her! Will meet up soon for a meal either before or after my exams. =)



Before I knew it, my week of lazing has come to an end. I had to start surgical shadows at Epsom. A place which I don't like, after I did a firm there in 3rd year, and vowed never to go back there to work. We got accommodation, and it's mang-ky. So from a firm decision to stay there and study and get some work done, I've decided to commute there everyday now for an 8am start. Lovely 6am wake-up calls again, like Caterham. Heh.

I got to do a cranial nerve examination on the first day. I also got to do a scrotal examination. Hurray for me. Ha. I just can't imagine the patient's embarrassment though. Over the week, got to do a couple of examinations, and helped the HOs with some of the jobs which need to be done.

anyway, there's another guy (ZB) on the other surgical firm, but since both surgical firms work together, the 2 of us seem to be stuck together doing the same stuff. By the end of the first day, I felt like strangling him. He was whingingabout when can we leave (what's this 'we' business??). He doesn't know how to fill in blood forms. He doesn't know that blood resulkts are meant to be written on the flow charts, so that we can monitor the patient's electrolytes, etc. Even after teaching him how to use the computer and how to fill in the blood forms, he just took ages to fill in 5 (whereas I had the whole folder of 24 other patients to fill in!).

He whinges about how he does not want to spend money on transport (and so he only wants to come in on days where he can get lifts from people who drive down) and food (and so he doesn't want to have lunch?!!?). The next morning on the ward rounds, he was just completely lost, as if he hasn't been for a ward round at all! He doesn't help to take notes, doesn't know who or where the patients are, doesn't write in the notes (just holds the file if u give it to him). Only after observing for a while, he manages to get the picture of taking patients notes, and sometimes when I'm holding 2 of them, he just snatches them out of my hands without saying anything when we have finished with that patient and i was still writing (wth?! that is something I do NOT like).

He doesn't want to do cannulas (coz he says he sucks at them, and so left me to do all of them while he's just sitting around waiting for the HO to appear), which is better than the times he came with me to do the cannulas. He fiddled with and messed up the sharps on my tray, such that I almost had a needlestick injury. Bloody hell. Worse still, once, when he succeeded with a cannulation (gd for him), and we went to throw away the stuff, he dumped everything into the yellow bag. When I asked where did he throw the sharps. He said, oops, he threw it into the yellow bin, and proceeded to wash his hands. 'Are you just gonna leave it there?' 'errr.. yes? it's in the bin anyway' omg.... I was so annoyed with him then that I told him off and made him pick the sharps from the bin to throw into the sharps bin. I mean, come on, you're already a 5th year student, and u do this??? Yes, I'm anal about this, think: What if you have a family member working with dealing with these bins (I don't), and they get a needlestick injury, you'll be pissed off with whoever who threw that in as well, wouldn't you?!

And on Thursday, he borrows my pen coz his ran out of ink. While giving it to him, I just mentioned to him that he'd better not lose it coz it has sentimental value and I would like it back at the end of the day. And you know what? By lunchtime, he turns to me and says, Ç_ I think I've lost your pen. 'Have you tried looking for it yet?' 'No' 'Well, go back to the places we were just now, and have a look. It might be there' He came back, saying he couldn't find it, and not to worry, he'll get me one to replace it. (wth?!). I specifically told him that morning, and he just brushes it off. Argh. Then he whines about how we should skip friday to study and can we go back now, that day (it was after ward round, at 1pm)

That guy just doesn't think. He seems to be too self-absorbed, and with work. I got annoyed with him several times this week, and I felt like throttling him by the end of thursday. Either that, or pulling my hair out (which I'm inclined not to, becoz I've nice hair. Heh.) I mean, I've worked with slow people, I've worked with inefficient people, and I'm usually quite patient, but this takes the top. I just can't stand inefficency and irresponsibility due to laziness and self-absorption.

I was telling this to Lit, and he was saying how he hasn't seen me pissed off that often, only occasionally on msn or my blog. which is good, becoz according to him 'it's always better to be a safe distance from the volcano when it explodes'. Hah. I guess he's rite. It takes a lot for me to get huffed-and-puffed about something.

But anyway, enough puffing. Now it's time for me to get off my arse and get some work done. Especially when I was playing PT the whole night last night! (computer game lah...)