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Friday, April 29, 2005

The Spring Morning

I woke at 3am this morning. Not because of noises (although I could hear quite a bit of snoring), but because I feel asleep at 9+ last night, after going out for dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday here in Tooting. Barring the noises, it was a serene scene. I caught the sunrise, somewhat, as the sky brighten from a dark red to it's full brightness by about 5am. Birds outside my window chirpping away, as if to say 'Wake up! It's the start of a brand new days!' Sticking my head out of the window, I inhlaed cool fresh air, complete with breeze and morning dew. It's a great feeling, to be able to surround yourself with nature and silence.

Of course, it was spoilt when I switched on my laptop and flipped my papers to do work till 6 this morning.


Now listening to a song by Akon, Mr Lonely. It's really cute, but sad. Go have a listen if you guys can download.