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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Terror Housemate

Ok, now for some major bitching session, so be warned.

PRIOR to OCTOBER 2004...

- a spicky-clean, dry kitchen, stove, microwave, few if no dirty dishes left lying around.
- a quiet house, fit for human living.

AFTER OCTOBER 2004... SR moved in...

1) Kitchen mess

Dirty dishes are left unwashed for days on end. Stove is digusting (all the food, muck and filth is left there for months on-end, never cleaned up. And out of the whole house, she is the only one who uses it) . The sink is perpetually clogged up - every single time she washes up, she doesn't clear the drains of her food. God knows how many times U (our landlord), K and I have actually cleared the drains in a day!

Has she not heard of cleaning up after herself?! Only after U has warned her about the stove, the dishes, the cleanliness, it has improved slightly, but still, she washes the dishes, but leaves the dirty pots and pans for eons (I mean, ^wth?! $%$#^%#%^*) . The counter tops are still left wet and dirty (even if the antibacterial spray and cloth are next to her). The stove is getting dirtier. All the pots and pans are used, leaving the WHOLE household (of 5 of us) with barely ONE pot to cook. How bad is that?

2) Fridge

It stinks. The space which has been used well (with still space to spare) with 5 people, has been obliterated. 1 person has taken up the whole fridge (K and I and M and Sib are all away on placements/BSc). U barely has space to put her stuff! That is just ridiculous.

Moreover, she just leaves rotting stuff (her stuff actually) in the fridge. Doesn't bother to throw it away. And therefore, it stinks.

3) Gas and electricity

In the 3 months that I have not been in London (back home doing my electives), K has been in Torquay and Kent doing her shadows, M has been at her bf's place, and Sib has been stuck in lab trying to finish her experiments, U has been working lots of nights, the gas and electricity bills have shot up by over 100%! Now... I wonder why... Esp when there are fewer people living in the house, when we are almost never cooking/using our heaters. I found out why when I returned to the house.

- SR leaves her personal heater on the WHOLE day, in addition to keeping her window open, in the winter months (that's why it's friggin' cold in the first place!)
- Apparently, the heating in the house has been over-ridden to be on the WHOLE day (and after asking the rest of the housemates, we've concluded that it was SR's doing)
- she leaves both the stoves (we have 4 of those things in the stove) on, at FULL blast, the minute she goes into the kitchen (hasn't even started cooking yet!)

And the best thing? We, as a household, have to split the bill and pay for it. She's literally making use of all of us!

4) Noise

This affects me the most. Sib and K next.

- Loud tv (K who is 2 doors away, can hear it loudly!)
- Loud talking
- Shagging aka having sex (complete with the moans and groans and bed shaking etc. You get the picture...)

Now... it started in October 2004, where I was travelling to and from Caterham, having to sleep and wake up early. While I can close one eye to loud tv/talking during the day, or sex in the day, coz I can turn up the music in my earphones, etc.

BUT.... it's getting too much/far far overboard when this goes on at 2-3am, the tv blasts loudly, whereas the whole house is sleeping (I'm the most affected, because I'm living next door). It's especially worse when I'm woken up in the middle of the night, at 3-4am, from moaning and groaning and the bed knocking against the wall, complete with vibratory effects. NOT good, especially when I have to wake up at 6am that morning (!!), or have an assessment that day (like yesterday when I had my GP OSCE Ax!!). More so when her freaking door is open when the deed is done! The whole house can hear it (so much so that Sib and K donm't want to come out of their rooms to use the toilet till they are done!). Apaprently, according to another housemate, the deed was done several times in the living room (some of the housemates are around and could hear). Disgusting.

I have tried ear plugs. I have tried moving my bed away from the wall (but I can still feel it!). I have told her abt the noise and asked her to keep it down, esp late at night. I have left notes (which in effect makes it worse, coz they go another round, which is even louder). This is just taking the piss.

I have even resorted to camping out in K's room when they are at it/the tv is excruciatingly loud. I can't study properly. I am sleep-deprived (Thank goodness for being posted to Chichester). But, enough is enough. I shouldn't have to use ear plugs. I shouldn't have to move my bed. I shouldn't have to be put out of my own room! Damn it, I pay rent as she does (more than hers, in fact). My room has been my sanctuary for the past year, and it shall stay that way! This is MY house too!

Sib also has problems with the noise. She stays downstairs, next to the kitchen. Apparently SR uses the washing machine in the kitchen at ungodly hours (3-4am), as well as wash the dishes very loudly as well at that time. Sib has told SR off about it, SR knows abt it, but she still continues to do the same thing!

5) Toilet and Rubbish

Firstly, the rubbish. When the rubbish bin is full, she doesn't have the initiative to replace it with another bag. She doesn't even empty the bins at all. She just puts a sainsbury bag on top of the full bin and puts rubbish in it. Even when the rubbish bags finish, she doesn't bother to buy it (esp when we are all not around, and she's the only one using it!), even when there is money in our 'toiletries box' to reclaim it back.

Next up, the toilet. Her bf stays over. He goes into the toilet, pisses all around the seat and the floor. Doesn't bother to clean it up. Just leaves it like that. What's more? He doesn't even close the door when in the toilet. And he still has the cheek to turn around and smile to whoever is coming up the stairs! (as told by one of my housemates)

It's utterly disgusting.

Not only that, but when the toilet rolls finish, the empty one is just left there. Another is brought in if it needed to be used. Sometimes it isn't even brought in! And the thing is, we usually have extra rolls outside the toilet. Easy access. Would it hurt your big fat arse to throw away the empty roll and fill it with a new one?

6) Boyfriend

Her bf stays over. Perpetually. EVERY night. Literally. Our contract states that there should be no one else staying in the room with you (i.e. only for the tenant). According to the landlord's discretion, perhaps staying over for a couple of nights (as long as it's a short-term stay) is fine. But this seems to be long term. Since October 2004.

I can understand with bf's stay over. M's and U's does, and it's fine. You know why? They are considerate. They are friendly, and are not confined to the room but are seen around, and yet they are just... considerate. Even when friends of ours stay over, it's the same. No problems.

SR's isn't. I mean, look at it this way, it's not your house, and yet, you talk so loudly, you shag her senseless and at inconsiderate times of the day (to the rest of the household), piss all over the toilet, have to ettiquette abt closing the door when in the toilet, or when shagging (?!?!?), and yet you try to be all smiley and friendly when you meet us in the house? No way it's gonna work, pal.

Look at it another way. This is NOT halls. This is private rented acommodation. There are others living in the house. There is accountability to the rest of those living in the house. I may not be the perfect housemate, but I am entitled to my peace, my space, the cleanliness and tidyness of the house. My sanctuary. My sanity.

Do you know.... When I came back from elective, after dragging my boulder-heavy luggage up the stairs, the corridor to my room is blocked! By her stuff and ironing. Can you imagine how infuriating it is when you are tired, jet-lagged, and sad (from leaving) that you want to get home to something familiar and clean and tidy, with no obstacles in between?!

She is not stupid - She has a freaking BSc. We (K and I) have concluded that she just can't be bothered. Plain selfishness/too self-centred. I concluded... That's for me to know.

I have had enough. Have tried to let her know via talking, notes, big *hints*. To no avail. Have informed the landlord of the problems (which she has knowledge about some, but not other aspects), and with the backing of the rest of the housemates.

*fingers crossed* Let's hope it comes to a positive outcome. If not, I'm seriously going to camp in Epsom or the school library. *wondering... if only i had my own place...*

Phew. Major bitching session is over. For now. Time for me to get some lunch and start on work.