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Saturday, May 21, 2005

After revision...

After this week's revision sessions (5-10pm), organised by the final year reps of my school, I've come to realise a couple of things...

1. How 'prepared' I am for the finals.
2. How much I don't know.
3. How much I thought I didn't know, but actually knew (it was somewhere inside my head, and all I needed to do was either dig it out or give it a kickstart)
4. How 'kiasu' people can be when it comes to competitive things such as exams (and therfore the label shouldn't only be extended to Singaporeans or those from Asian countries, coz the 'white' man's place also has people like that)
5. That I am actually prepared to become a doctor, after 5 years of hell (actually not really hell, coz it's been enjoyable for the most part, apart from exams which give heart/panic attacks)
6. That I'll most probably change my mind for point 5 when I actually start working.
7. I'm good at ECGs (as evidenced by the session on Spot Diagnoses where I got 14 out of 15 right (Yippee!)
8. Yesterday's Derm and Orthopedics and Ophthalmology sessions, where I got most of the pics right, in my head at least, and could probably tell you one or two things about the condition.

Give me anything on Medicine or Surgery or Psychiatry anyday, and I'll blow your mind away. Okay... maybe not that, but you get my picture.... aka.... I'll try my best.... aka I'm kind or prepared... somewhat... at least the general gist of it...

Just don't insert Paeds or O&G in, coz I haven't touched it, but I will. Soon. (Definitely today, but I can't be blamed, coz I keep falling asleep on O&G!!).

Let me read a bit of Dermatology now, in preparation for ... the Derm Prize on Mon.

And let me retain all these in my brain for another 2 weeks at least. Coz that's when Doomsday is. =)