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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Long time no entry. So now, a short entry. Supposedly.


The countdown begins. It's 28... no... 26 days to finals. Less that 4 weeks now before the BIG exams. Lots of people have told me that these exams are meant to make you pass, so therefore, no need to worry.

On the other hand, I've heard horrendous stories about how the best have failed. How the worst (those who have failed/barely passed for every single exam) end up passing, and even getting merits or distinctions. It's scary.

Now that I'm still on shadows at the moment, making use of the fact that patients are there at my 'disposal', in a sense of the word. As and when we can get teaching, I find my own patients and examine them, and try to present them in my head (esp when there is no one there to correct you). But it seems ineffective. Seems like I have to present to a wall, if need be, esp if there is no one else. The hard part, I guess, is getting a revision partner, or to criticise you, coz both of you don't know if it sounds correct or not.

Last week, I went in on Friday morning to go to a vascular clinic (coz I've never done vascular before). Managed to see 3 cases which were varied, one varicose veins, one venous ulcer, the other arterial ulcer. The good thing? I was asked to examine the patient there and then, and was corrected on the spot. That is always helpful. Then I went up to the wards to help the HOs do some ward stuff while waiting for one of the students, Sabrina, to turn up for teaching with one of my HOs. Didn't expect to see JTI at all. Intimidating, but a sight for sore eyes nonetheless. And so, all 5 of us students, went on a teaching round with Sharon, one of my HOs. Great session, really. No matter how much you read, you don't really know how to examine till you do it yourself. Everyone was really good, Meena, Sabrina, and even JTI (but that was expected anyway). Really woke me up as to how much I thought I knew but actually didn't know.

And today, we had an OSCE held by the clinical teaching fellow. It was a good idea, but at the end of it, my end result was 'acceptable/cause for concern'. Worrying (even though irnonically, I 'diagnosed' Bell's Palsy for a friend. At the end of the day, was asked to assess the person's thyroid status. *gulp* When people do it, you say to yourself, that yes you know what to do, but when you're asked to do it yourself, it's just different. What I'm trying to say is... My presentation is just not good enough. My examination is, supposedly, confident and slick, but I still miss out some stuff, esp on examinations which we don't usually do (eg. thyroid/neck exam). People say that for finals, you need to be slick, and look as if you know what you're doing, and you have done it lots of times. In my mind, I can pass off my examinations like that, but not my presentations. Hell, I wouldn't even pass myself.

And that is only for medicine and surgery. I still have to contend with paeds and psych and O&G.

Gah. Bookwork is not going to help. At least not my presentation. Time to notch up my gear a little, and stop faffing around. Z_, heads up, girl!


SR, the housemate from hell, has officially received her notice, and is due to be kicked out on 20 May 2005. However, during this period, she is now noisier than ever! And rude as well! But that is to be expected, I suppose. Good riddance to her.


ZB is getting more annoying, and striking me as dangerous, by the day. The worst was when he left the tourniquet on a patient after cannulating her, and forgot about it, till I asked for my tourniquet back. That was for a couple of minutes while he observed me cannulating another patient. When taking blood today, he just kept on stabbing the patient with the needle, even though the patient was obviously in pain and said no and asked him to give her a breather. Just the other day, he catheterised a patient and didn't bother to clean him up, leaving the gel and the mess and pot (where the urine first drips in) on the bed. On another day, he was examining a patient who had rather tender rheumatoid hands, and he just kept on squeezing the MCP joints, even after she said it was painful and declined examination. It was the same thing with today's guy who had a tender epigastric mass. He just kept on prodding without any care for the patient's feelings. I mean, I know we have exams in a few weeks, but if they say no, shouldn't you stop?!


I have booked my US trip now. That is going as planned, somewhat. =)


As for the jobs problem, the people involved have been faffing around. Annoying, but not unexpected. Guess I have to bring it up to the next higher level. If they think they can push the students around just because we need jobs after we graduate, they can think again. Hmph.

Meanwhile, time for me to get back to books. If I ever get to reading through and remembering O&G, I might actually try for a prize. Who knows? Heh.