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Sunday, May 15, 2005


Today, the 'housemate from hell' has moved out. Totally. (she was given notice just slightly less thatn 2 weeks ago. The notice gives her 5 more days, till 21 May, but it's good that she's moved out early.) Now, at least, we'll have a quieter house. Cleaner too! (but that's becoz I just cleaned the kitchen and living room...) You know the 'presents' she left behind though? Rotten food int he fridge, that wasn't there before. -_- Me, being the clean freak that I am (though I don't think I have OCD) scrutinised whatever was left in that shelf of hers, and lo and behold, there's lots of mould growing on long overdue food. I mean, what? She expects us to throw it away, and wash the containers after that?

Oh well, no more complaints from me. Good riddance to her. And I hope the poor sod(s) who has her as the new housemate can tolerate her nonsense more than my household can.

I'm a happy bunny. =)


What do you do when a group of Filipinos come up to you and start talking to you in Tagalog, or whatever language that is that they speak? I mean... maybe it's my hair when I let it down, or my skin colour, but I really don't look like a Filipino. No offence, but seriously. I always thought I looked like a Chinese. Or at least people can tell that I am one, other than the 2 years of college, of which my skin colour is so dark that I have give Indians a run for their money. (That was proven when some Indian shopkeepers started speaking to me in ?Tamil. But that was ages ago anyway.)

Anyway, that was some time last week. I must have looked puzzled, coz they stopped talking midway, and then I mumbled something to the extent of "err.... I am Chinese...". Then they went 'Oh!', and went in the other direction... I was like, huh??


This also happened on Tuesday last week, after Mr Raja's ward round. I was at the start of catheterising this patient. Just after I made the field sterile and was about to put local anaesthetic into the penis to numb it, he said "oh... it's been 2 years since I've had a hard-on..." and his wife was outside!

I replied 'rite.....' and continued like everything was normal, but on the inside I was thinking "omgomg!! that's disgusting... should I slap him down? or run out of the room?? There had better not be any more lewd comments, man.... if not, i'll sue him for secual harassment (not really, but you get the gist...)". Thank god, my HO and ZB was there taking blood as well. If not, I would have left the room there and then.

And it's not as if the patient was this really young/dashing gentlemen, but one of those old men who don't know what do do with their lives apart from drink and smoke endlessly.


Last but not least.... I haven't made a timetable to study for finals Not yet, anyway.... Guess I should really, seeing as how it is only 21 days = 3 weeks away now. Too little time which has to be maximised! Gah...

At least the early morning waking (due to having to wake up early to commute in for surgical ward rounds) is proving annoying at times. I mean... who wants to wake at 5.30am on weekends?1 And yet, that is what I'm doing now. I'm waking up bright-eyed and clear-headed even at that time. The downside to it, of course, is that I sleep so early people many think I suffer from narcolepsy or something.


Okay... enough metaphoring for now. I'm just manic now. Add 2 cups of coffee and a cup of tea plus lots of chocolate and soft drinks to the day's daily mix, You get a hyper-bunny. Me.

Now is time for me to wind down. Or else I might just fall flat on my face by the time this entry is saved.

Or wait... is it time for me to clean my room now?