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Sunday, June 05, 2005

I just had another dream, this time with Fu in the picture. What's with these people? Get out of my head, people. Can't you give someone a good night's rest without interruption? *Shoo-s the dreams away*

Now if the dream is about me having a kick-ass finals, I don't mind. =P


I've just tried on my suit this morning. Yes, we have to wear suits for our clinical finals. Why in the world do we have to wear them - I don't know. It most probably has something to do with the English way of being (or looking) professional, yaddah yaddah.

And so, with that in mind, I bought my suits back when I was at home. No, I have never had a suit, coz I didn't have a need for one. What about your medical interview, you ask? Well, I kind of wore a semi-formal attire for the first one, but the second one, yes, I had a suit, but it was my mum's, since she couldn't fit into it anymore. But anyway, I digress. How in the world do you go about in a suit, especially during summer, and having to do abdo examinations, kneeling down, or examining varicose veins, what with all the manipulation of the tourniquet test, etc? It never fails to amuse...*ah-hem* amaze me. Thank God I bought trouser suits, instead of those with skirts. I can just imagine the 'difficulties' of it all....

But anyhow, I now have 2 smart, kick-ass suits (which will most probably last me a lifetime since it costs me a bomb. Actually, it didn't, coz I got a good price on it, but still. G2000 rules! coz it's the only one -apart from iora - which sells suits. Proper ones, that is. Not the ja-pa-lan ones in the various boutiques that seem to be sold in an uncoordinated array of mismatched tops and bottoms.) Now I have to be just as kick-ass about the exams. =)


Why am I talking about suits when I have exams in 2 days? I don't know. I must be going mad. God help me. Back to loony patients for me. That's me, btw.