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Sunday, August 07, 2005

First week of work

The first week of work wasn't too bad. Half of it was filled with induction. Where we got to know people who are in the PRHO year. There are 24 of us PRHOs. 7 of us are from george's. The rest are from GKT. It's really nice to get out of george's and mix around. At the same time, I miss George's. =)

Anyway, Medway is good, and getting better. There's a social club on site, and every night, we go there to chill (not to mention, there's a hot babe serving at the bar!). It's similar to the george's bar, but bigger and plusher. It's a sell. =)

Work-wise, I'm still getting my feet together. Being on-call on the first day doesn't help either. I've made mistakes, thankfully not serious ones. I'm still learning. My consultant is not around this week, but he'll be back next week. It will be busier than. Initially, I used to finish at 7 plus. for 2 days. After starting at 8am. But think i'm getting the hang of it. I finished at 3 plus on Fri. =P

Well, I'm supposed to be on annual leave this week. It had been fixed earlier on. However, I've managed to alter it in such a way that I get 2 weeks off straight (together with the next week off that was fixed as well, as we get 2 weeks off every 4 month rotation), so might take off somewhere for that. Any places suggested? Found out about my salary as well. Doesn't seem too bad yet.

My hospital accommodation is in Residence 12. Massive room, with sun shining in the windows in the morning. Brilliant. Gonna move my stuff in tomorrow, with the removals people, so tomorrow will be spent unpacking. my stuff. Meanwhile, u'll most probably not hear from me till next week. When I'm next back in London.

It's good to be back in a familiar place. =)


Oh yeah... I've just watched the movie 'Ray' and a week ago, I caught the musical 'The Genius of Ray Charles'. I'm not a blues or gospel fan, but I've heard some of his songs before, and it isn't too bad. However, when I watched both shows, it was inspiring. Fantastic. One reason why I need to get back to my music-making. =)