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Saturday, August 13, 2005

The second week of work

The second week of work hasn't been bad at all. Maybe that because the number of patients I've had is a single digit. My consultant is away and won't be back till Tuesday next week. It's been a quiet week to say the least. Which is good for me as it gives me time to find out about stuff and ease into the rumblings of working life. Next week would be a different story. Or so everyone whom I've met tells me.

Clubbing on Kiran's birthday. We went to Casino Rooms, in Rochester. Seems like that is the place to be, or to go over here. First time that we've been out as a huge group of PRHOs and SHOs. Even had some Regs. The day before, we went to Grandma Thai's, Medway's favourite, to have dinner, in celebration of Kiran's birthday, with some other SHOs, and I was the only PRHO there. Had an interesting time just sitting and listening. Happy. Not to mention, slightly poorer as well, as that was a slightly costly place to have dinner.

Many comments were made throughout the week - the Indian guys (some of the PRHOs) with smiles, and dancing in turns with me during Kiran's birthday at the club. It was un-nerving. Asanga, who is my buddy HO, is a great chap. One day, when we were chilling and having breakfast after our ward rounds, he mentioned that if he didn't have a gf, he would go for me, what with being an attractive lady. ?? On another note, john was saying that i've lost weight, even though I don't feel it.

Also met up with Bo that weekend. Strange, but I think he has a thing for me, as Stan as mentioned before as well. Kept on asking me out even though I said no. Imran is a laugh, texting me and in between messages, will be asking about bfs and who i think is cute down here, and if anyone can beat him in suave-ness. Haha... pple asking abt bfs, like Yvonne. One of the nurses on Traf ward, Kelvin, is a sweetie. Perpetually asking me if I wanted tea and sweets. Other nurses on the ward have cautioned me against him, as they said the next thing he would do would be to ask me out. *LOL*. the chinese girls/docs working there look at me with daggers in their eyes though. Maybe it's just a Chinese-look thing? *puzzled look*