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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Leeds Castle, Sheerness and this week

Now, I haven't been to Leeds Castle before, but when I went there yesterday. It was gi-normous! From the inside, you don't think it looks big, but when you step into the castle itself, we only see a few rooms, but there apparently are so many more rooms! We saw the staff preparing a wedding banquet in one of the rooms. It must cost a bomb to rent a room or the castle grounds for a few hours for the event, we were thinking.

The 'we', was referring to ZT and myself. He had driven down from London to visit me and the Kent Gardens. Not having met up for quite a while (like maybe a year!), we had a good time catching up, walking through the massive gardens within the grounds. We had a fun time trying out the maze, and thanks to ZT, I managed to get to the centre of it unscathed! But that's becoz he had actually been to the maze before. Heh. We got out to the other side through the grotto, within which looks quite mystic. =) We went to Grandma Thai after that to enjoy food and company. =)

Today we went to Sheerness, as we both wanted to not go anything but just chill out. And so we scoured the area (or rather, he asked me where the beaches are down here), and so we went to Sheerness! And there I found out that the Isle of Sheppey is made up 3 towns - Minster, Sheerness and Queenborough. Nice little island, which is not too crowded, has a beach which is similar to Brighton, but not as crowded it is, and therefore I had the whole vast area to myself, with the excpetion of a few people strolling around, enjoying the breeze and the walk, etc. Apparently the drive through, taking the highway M2 to Sheerness, compared with driving through the towns and enjoying the scenery, is longer! Thus trying it out, we drove back via the towns of Queenborough, Sittingbourne, Newington, Rainham, then Gillingham, and it took qa very much shorter time!

But ultimately, it was a good weekend, catching up with an old friend, which I found out more insights about his values and mine, chilling, and it was just good to not think about work for a while, especially when I finished at 7pm on Friday night, which is considered quite late for me, coz I was the only one on my team for the week. This week was shitty as well. I miss my SHO! Her presence, her smile, the quirky things said, the laughs we share. Oh well, she'll be back tomorrow! Yippee!