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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Finally... a weekend off...

Listening to JJ's songs from his 3 Chinese albums right now. It's not bad, considering I've been deprived of Chinese music for a while. That's not to say that I regularly listen to it, but it's good to keep in touch with it once in a while, and enjoy the language, other than facing English day in day out. I kind of miss the versatility of blending in various languages from home at times. One of the good things about home. In my mind.


It's not that I don't have weekends, but it's just that the past 2 weeks have been extremely busy. Being on-call on Tues till 10pm, then wed from 8-5pm was not too bad. Then I was on-call on Friday night till supposedly 9pm, but ended up finishing at 10-ish. Why? There were 2 VTs with anuria, happening at the same time on the SEA ward. There's only 1 of me. At that time, I was in SAU, being bleeped by the SHO on-call to see some patients as it was quite busy. (Wasn't really busy, as there were only 5 patients, and I had finished seeing 2 patients by the time he finished seeing 1). And my bleep went off - fast bleeped. Called, found out what was the matter (the 2 cases of VTs), and both of us ran to the ward. Ideally, each one of us should take care of 1 case, but no.... it was not to be. Apparently, we landed up at the bedside of the same patient, and we were trying to find out his obs from the nurse there. Then I talked really fast (OkweneedanECGandbloods. Getme2greycannulasandanABGandputsomeoxygenonhim. StartsomefluidsonhimrunningSTAT, andcatheterisehim. Weneedtomeasurehisurineoutput.)

When it comes to emergency situations like that, I tend to talk really fast and be asssertive and order people around, simply because these are times which we can't wait, and some things need to be done. Apparently the SHO thought that I was panicking, and kept on telling me not to panic and to analyse the ECG with him (even though I told him that I wasn't panicking, but things need to be done STAT with the patient not being stable, and I saw the ECG tracing which showed a few seconds of VT and then went into AF, and could he please call the Med Reg...) In the end, I told the nurse to do it, while I got on with the bloods and ABG, while he was still staring at the ECG, trying to work the tracing out. Gah....

But anyway, Friday night was eventful. So much so that I was late for Saturday's morning rounds. And I told the truth about why I was late. (Woke up late due to me not hearing my alarm clock), which my Reg appreciated hearing the truth, instead of me trying to blag my way out of it. But after that was done, we got on with work, which was really busy, routine stuff really, saw a couple of patients in SAU too. The only time I got to sit down was at 10pm that night, when I went back. Felt shattered. That's the word.

The same barrage was on for Sunday. At least that wasn't too bad, coz I had finished most of what I needed to do on Saturday, and pre-empting what I needed to do for Sunday helped. In the end, I had time to go to theatre to assist with a laparotomy and bowel resection due to a large tumour (unknown to the patient) causing large bowel obstruction.

Then on Monday, I wasn't even on-call, but my consultant was taking all patients coming in before 5pm, so it was as if I was on-call. And was on-call again for Tues night and Wed day. Let's just say it was such a sleep-deprived fortnight that the following thursday and friday, I fell asleep the time I got back to my room (which was about 8-ish) all the way till the next morning 7am. And for the first time since I couldn't remember this few months, I actually slept till 11am on Sat morning! Haha.... The luxury of not having anything to do on the weekend. Yippee! =)


And so, the weekend consisted of chilling at my junior's place, being on the internet, and being able to actually TALK to friends online whom I haven't seen in ages. This weekend was also a time to let me recuperate my strength and energy, and talk to my family and close friends. Dee and JD were, as usual, the same sane people who never fail to lift my spirits up or pull me down to earth if i needed to be. Plus it's Dee's birthday this thursday. When I asked her about it, she turned it around and volunteered to organise my birthday party instead, for when I came back home during the 2 weeks in January. Heh... good idea, no? =P It was a relief and a comfortable feeling when I was talking to JD. He had just finished his shift in A+E, and was on his way home. Nothing has changed between us. If only I'm at home, things would be different. Or might be.

2 of my juniors, a couple, were so sweet to invite me over for mee siam (previous weeks was chicken rice), especially made and brought over from Singapore. Authentic. Yummy. Especially from 2 weeks of not eating well or properly, for that matter. Then I stayed to chill and chat. It's a joy to actually have the time to do so. =)


On the way back on the tube and the train, a couple of things came to mind.

1) It's never good to rely on someone. You end up getting disappointed in the process.
2) Always confirm things beforehand. I dislike uncertainty.
3) I need my own space. Which is why I don't mix after work. Too much contact with patients and other people during the day zaps my energy, and doesn't leave me time to be with myself, and energize.
4) I need a car. For the freedom of movement and the freedom of spirit which catches my fancy everytime I need to be by myself and take a drive. Like what I used to do at home. Alas, I can't afford it at the point in time.
5) Sitting the train is quite relaxing too. Love reading on the journey. Or stare out the window at the scenery rushing past, thinking back to long-gone memories.


Our teaching session on Friday was about the Myers-Briggs personality test, and which categories we fall into. I found out that I can be :

Extrovert or introvert, depending on the situation

Which means:

ISTJ = Serious, quiet, earn success by concentration and thoroughness. Practical, orderly, matter-of-fact, logical, realistic and dependable. See to it that everything is well organised. Take responsibility. Make up their own minds about what should be accomplished and work towards it steadily, regardless of protests or distractions.

ESTJ = Practical, realistic, matter-of-fact, with a natural head for business or mechanics (huh?). Not interested in abstract theories; want learning to have direct and immediate application. Like to organise and run activities. Often make good administrators; are decisive, quickly move to implement decisions; take care of routine details.

These 2 descriptions are a combination of me. Yet reading the rest of the categories, I know that there's a little part of me in every one of them. Guess it's the one which dominates which matters. =)


Okay, enough for now. Time to sleep now, and start a brand new week tomorrow.