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Sunday, November 27, 2005

This is just absolutely mad. I'm fuming mad, and very very annoyed.

My wallet has just been nicked. I went to Sainsbury's to buy some food. En route to going home, I dropped in to Priceless Shoes, Peacocks and Shoefayre to take a look at the boots, not intending to buy, but just window-shop. Just after I stepped out of the Shoefayre and was heading to Primemark, I stretched my left hand back to feel the latch of my zipper (something which I regularly do, as I place my wallet in that pocket of the bag). I couldn't feel the latch. Alarmed, I turned my head back, and found the pocket of my bag, gape-ing open. In it, amongst all my things in there, my wallet was missing.

I retraced my steps to Sainsburys, and kept a lookout for it along the way, on the roads, and gave contacts details to whichever shops I had stopped in. According to the managers at Peacocks and Primemark, this has been happening for the past week, every day, at least one person would have their wallet nicked in the shops, or cards that were stolen would be used to draw out cash or buy stuff. Reason: Xmas time. More often.

From the time of my last transaction at Sainsburys (15:37), to the time I discovered that my wallet was nicked (roughly 15:55), was a short period of time. I hope nothing has been charged to my account.

I have cancelled my cards. No doubt I would never see that wallet again. It's not so much of the money that was in it, but the cards which are precious and the wallet itself.

1) This wallet was given to me by my eldest sister as a birthday present, in the year just before I had left for London. It has been with me for the past 5+ years, without any mishaps, and it still looks like new. It is one of the few and rare presents that I have from my eldest sister, and I treasure it greatly, refusing to use any other wallet, and taking care of it, without any scratches on the leather.

2) In the 5 years which I've been in Tooting, nothing like that has occurred. Now, on a weekend that I happened to be in Tooting, this happened. Is it telling me something?? =/

3) I have lost cash (as I usually keep extra cash in a compartment, just in case I run out whenever I am out and can't find a cash machine). I've also had to cancel my bank cards, be without cash or cards for the next week (some kind-hearted soul has kindly agreed to sponsor me for this week. =P). But the annoying thing is that I have to replace my driving licence as well. Which is by far the most irritating. I've also lost my recently-made passport-size photos (which were quite nice and I liked them and now I have no photos if it's needed in applications), and I've lost my lucky charm, blessed by the temple back home. It's also irritating having to call up and cancel other cards and change them, etc.

Simply annoying and troublesome.

*To the poor sodly bastard who has nicked my wallet, take the money. Just give me back my wallet and my charm, and my cards. Post it back to me or return it to any of the shops I've mentioned. If not, a curse befall on you, for being so dishonest.

* And to the idiot who has lost her wallet i.e. me, too bad for me. Learn from it. And cool down that flaming temper of mine.

Damn it.