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Monday, December 26, 2005


When I woke up today, in my own bed in Kent and looked out of my window, the whole area of grass and rooftops and roads were covered in thick snow! Now listening to Kelly Clarkson's debut CD, while sitting at my computer, having breakfast and checking emails, it started snowing again. Floating snowflakes just outside my window. I'm glad I'm not outside, but on the inside, watching the beauty. =)


Working in Medicine

It's not too bad really. But working continuously for 21 days without a break (3 weeks plus 2 weekends) kind of takes a toll on you, and saps all your energy from your otherwise normal self. However, you don't really think of it, while you're working, until you look at it in hindsight. Guess that's only because although I love my work, sometimes I feel so frustrated with some of the patients and feel like wringing their necks at times, coz you don't know what to do with them. Work during the weekdays are alright. They aren't exciting, but hey ho, it can't be exciting all the time. But I've been learning more about endocrine investigations, and they have been quite informative. Now just need to do a bit more reading up. =)

I've done 2 elderly weekends, that means I've been covering the elderly wards for the weekends, and I can definitely say that geriactrics is not my cup of tea. I have had to DNR people and put them on Liverpool Care Pathways, and it's quite depressing not to be able to do anything for them, even though you know the best thing for them is to be comfortable, and just go, with family and friends surrounding them.

I won't say I hate the elderly, but I dislike what I was doing, and that isn't gd. It reminds me of what my parents might become, and what I might turn out to be. All the incontinence, confusion, dementia... Is it better to be with it and miserable, or be senile and demented, but happy? Strange concept, but I prefer the latter personally. However, looking at it from the other end of the field, when I get to that stage, I might change my mind again.

Before I digress further, those 3 weeks of continuous work sapped energy, and my social life was non-existent till the weeke before xmas!....


Xmas weekend

Actually the celebrations started before the weekend itself. During the Tuesday of that week, the house officers had a 'Secret Santa' party, which consisted mainly of one another getting presents, whoever picked whoever's name. Good intentions, and we had a wicked party then. Lots of xmas food (thanks to Sioned who was the main chef!) and booze (who else but the guys) and cheer (whoever bought the candy crotch-hugger for Sumit?!), which turned into a dance party full of drunk docs. We all had too much fun that night, so much so that the next morning, 7 people called in sick! Eventually, they all turned up at about 10-ish, and 2 of them had to have IM Cyclizine to be able to function throughout the day. Heyho, we're only human! =p

Then came the Colorectal Bosses' dinner, at a Chinese restaurant in Chatham. Actually it was our ex-bosses (those in the Surgical Department), where we were told that drug reps would be paying for the extravagant dinner that everyone (bosses, secretaries, Regs, SHOs, HOs-previous and present) were going to. Instead, all the previous 3 HOs who were working for the colorectal bosses went (becoz we got on wickedly with all the teams and not just our own), and the present HOs were nowhere to be seen! =/ Nevertheless, it was splendid! Had loads of fun chilling and catching up with the rest, and it was hilarious watching the bosses actually joke and make fun of each other (Mr Butler and Mr Webb especially). A good night where all of us went back more or less pissed (that's why none of us drove, but all took cabs instead), but we were so good that we managed to function on Friday! It also helped that it was the last day, before the long weekend!

The xmas weekend finally arrived! Couldn't wait to get out of the hospital, after being here for 3 weeks. Went back to tooting, where my juniors had cooked xmas dinner and were waiting for me to join them. Really nice! =) Then we had a DVD all-nighter watching old movies, eg. 2 Fast 2 Furious, Manchurian Candidate, etc).

Sat, I met Irving at Euston, and we had Krispy Kreme donuts for lunch, amidst all the fun and laughter, suaning each other and trying to football-bet each other. heh... Then headed to Ascot to my aunt's place to spend Xmas. Her son came to pick me up at the train station, and ooh.... his Audi TT was sooooo smooth *purrs* =p Had a good Xmas eve dinner, and chilled with her daughter and I commiserating about work (she works as a HO in Leeds) and hours and salary, etc. And we ended the night playing scrabble. I was crap, never having played it before and so getting the lowest score, but it was such a fun game, coz we were coming up with really weird words that everyone was challenging and dictionaries were checked, etc. =p

On Xmas day, it was another day for feasting! Lovely food, with some of their relatives too, and lots of pressies! Finally, after a whole day of chatting and playing chess and fiddling with the piano, and everyone left at around 12-ish at night, the son and I settled down to watch Titanic - the long extended version of 20 mins more! It seems better, now when I watch it again, and doesn't seem as dead as previously. Well, we kind of caught the sinking of the ship only, coz the rest of the time we were having a wicked time talking loads. First time I've actually had a proper conversation with him (washboard stomachs?!), and it was eye-opening indeed. Heh. =p


A continuation of the conversation with JTI

.... so whooo?? You haven't told me yet!....

According to JTI, reasons why I need to know who said the comments... (what I was thinking)
1) ... your self-esteem is that low that you need to be TOLD that you're fit? (a girl loves to hear compliments once in a while)
2) ... talk to them so you can receive more compliments? (why not? =p)
3) ... ask them out? (Hmm... I'm contemplating asking one out)
4) ... correct them yourself? (I think you're doing all of that fantastically for me, thank you.)
5) ... make yourself feel better that people ACTUALLY find you fit? (it's quite an enlightening concept actually, coz I never thought of myself like that in the first place!)
6) .... i'm feeling a bit low myself..? (Hah! Never.)

... you have their praise. you don't need their names. (Depends on who said it, coz some I consider to have standards, others, not so... high standards)
... just be content that people find you nice to look at.

I made his toenails laugh, with that statement. I am certain of it.

JTI never fails to crack me up. At least I made his day, and I left the computer with a smile on my face. =)


Now I'm back in Kent, actually reserving this day for packing (coz I'm on call tomorrow and therefore have no time to pack, and I'm leaving on Thursday, immediately after work), and I haven't started!

Gah.... time to start now.... countdown to Home... 3 days...