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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Surgical Rotation

I can't believe it's the end of the 4 months. I have officially finished my Surgical Rotation, and am due to start my Medicine Rotation on Monday.

I don't want to leave my team. I don't want to leave the surgical wards. I don't want to leave the nurses and the fun we have. You know that we have actually made an impact when the nurses want us to sit at their table in the xmas ball. You know that even though u drive them crazy in the wards, and they still make u cups of tea and sneak chocolates to you, you are well-liked and enjoyed by them. You have this warm, fuzzy feeling when your SHO and Reg conplains to the Consultant that they do not like it that the HO is leaving, and for the Consultant to speak to the other team I'm going to, and to make me stay and continue as the HO, and that they do not want a new HO. It's a really nice feeling. =)

I will miss them loads. I will miss the laughs we had, when we get stressed, when we get crazy, when nurses need something from us and vice versa. I will miss the times when the 3 colorectal teams (excluding the consultants) meet in Astley Cooper and we'll all be scrounging around for the patients' notes, which we'll inevitably end up talking to one another. Helping one another out. We know each other's patients. Whenever one of us is not around, the others will be around to help. HOs, SHOs and Regs alike. I'll miss Will's chuckling. I'll miss Mary's really fast talking and our mutual 'bitching' sessions. I'll miss Asanga's and Andrew's and Alex's and Shirley's presences and their idiosyncracies as well. It won't be the same anymore.

Like on Thursday, I was in theatre with my SHO and my consultant, doing a lap rectopexy. Our bleeps were left outside with the main desk. One of our patients got really ill. Peritonic. The nurses couldn't get either one of us. Andrew and Asanga were there to help. And a huge enormous help they were, in terms of getting the pain team to come and review the patient, adminstering pain relief, anti-emetics, resuscitating the patient. Especially when the other Reg/SHOs were not around. They were just amazing.

It's a great feeling to know that you can rely on your colleagues, with regards to your patients. We help each other on ward rounds as well. On friday, Andrew and I were sooooo bored, coz we had finished our ward rounds and doing stuff for our patients, that we helped Asanga with his ward round instead.

These 4 months have been a great learning experience. Huge learning curve, and demanding, but definitely enjoyable. Especially with great docs and nurses and most of the students alike. Amongst many laughs, there were also tears, frustration, irritation, bitching (but friendly!), many meals together. I'm very grateful to the One above for this period of time. You learn so much about yourself and others when you start working. And you find out the people you are able to rely on. The people that you're friends with, and hope that they still will be in about 10 years time.

I won't say I'm looking forward to starting Medicine. Let's just say I was well-adjusted and comfortable in Surgery. I was confident enough to deal with certain situations. I got to do lots of stuff in theatre, like doing my first stoma, and playing around with colonoscopes. That has fuelled some of the drive which you see right now. It will be a different, unparalleled experience.

Guess it will be another experience, when I'm holding the cardiac bleep on Thurs (had swapped my on-call for Wed so that I could go to the Xmas Ball at Leeds Castle!), and I'm on-call for the next 2 weekends, and oncall twice in the next 3 weeks, during the weekdays. That will definitely be another experience. One I will let you know once I get my breath back together after that.


On another note, I'm flying back home at the end of this month! For star's and wushu D's wedding! Yippee!!


Last week + weekend was a case of frantically rushing to write an application worthy of being read and considered for next year's job. Thanks to the people who read it and gave lots of criticisms (my whole team + consultant, my buddy team consisting of the Consultant and the Reg, plus Shirley, Richard). It was really helpful. This weekend was spent, trying to settle my stuff that was gone after my wallet was stolen. No luck of ever seeing it again. Got my act together. Got my cards, and just lazed around and watched tv the whole of sat night. Something which I haven't done since I started work. Lovely feeling.


Before I forget, because my wallet was stolen, for a week, I was cashless, cardless and identity-less (coz my driving licence was in the wallet too, among other cards). A number of people came up to offer me cash to get through the week. Many thanks to them! My SHO was so sweet too! Our buddy teams (Gandhi and Wegstapel) went for our -going-to-usual place of Hollywood Bowl for dinner, after one of our very long days. Great time just chatting and chilling. The next night, my SHO took me and our student out to this posh restaurant which had really nice ambience and food! and absolutely refused to let us pay! And we went into personal stuff and the future etc, which was all very good and enjoyable. And Clarence was so lovely for a dinner treat yesterday too. Michelle cooked her famous and delicious mincemeat dish for me today too! I am loved. =)


You know what? I somehow miss the squash sessions with JTI. Not so much the squash itself, but the talks we had in the beginning. I miss the chatting to friends on MSN, which I used to do to keep in touch with friends. Now I barely have the energy to reply to emails except on weekends! I miss talking to DK, believe it not not, before all the r/s saga. I miss talking to JD and Dee. Irving, being as manic and crazy as I am, makes up for it a little, but it's not the same. I miss staying in Longley Road, where I could see Stan or Karen or Mika anytime I wanted, simply by going upstairs or downstairs. I miss the late night conversations I had with Mupps. Most of all, I miss the conversations I had with my sister, and the times we spent together.


I've got work to do.

To do list for tomorrow:
- Surgical Audit
- Photos
- BMA stuff
- Read up on Endocrinology!!!!! (gah! I'm gonna start on an endo firm without any knowledge of endo! =/


This week has just been reminiscent of... nostalgia.