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Monday, January 16, 2006

2 weeks at home

I'm now back in Kent, after having spent 2 tremendously enjoyable weeks back home. The departure was pretty rushed though. I was on-call on Wednesday, and therefore post-call Thursday. Thank goodness it wasn't my consultant's patients (they take turns) that day, and so I helped out with the changes, I wasn't the one taking care of them, per se. I finished early, and so I trumped off home to have lunch and make sure that all the packing is done. (Blieve it or not, there was 7 bottles of coffee in my luggage at one point!)

Then I left an hour early, giving my bleep to Andrew, my buddy HO. Went to get ready and left at 5pm, where my ex-surgical SHO was kind enough to give me a lift to the airport. =D After checking in, we had a good time just chilling and talking (after much shopping at Body Shop!), and then I went in to board the plane. Slept quite a bit on the plane, coz didn't sleep much previously, what with post-call and packing.

:+: Wedding

The next thing I knew, I was back in Singapore, and it wasn't so hot! A bonus was that I could leave work behind for 2 weeks! But anyway, I landed, had some abalone noodles for dinner with my family, then headed home and quickly unpacked, then headed off to Star's place! She's the reason why I flew back home at this time, coz it's her and Wushu D's wedding, on NYE! Both my college classmates and good friends, we started off as coming from different sec schools, different ECAs, but with a common outcome, we had fun studying together for A levels at one another's houses, eating lots, but studying and chatting took equal proportion of time. Ahhh... those were the times. Carefree...

But anyway, rushed over to her place around 10 (having landed at 7pm) to help out with last minute changes, but more to see her and her family and Wushu D and Gerry and just catch up. Also saw Baby Elliot! Cutie! By the time I left, it was 3am, and we had to be at her place at 6.30am that morning, to prepare (make-up, hair, etc). In the end, all was good and well, managed to get there at the specified time, and the bride was just stunning. I've seen Star in a bridesmaid's dress and she looked gorgeous, but nothing compares to her on her wedding day. Wushu D too. They both looked radiant, positively glowing. =)

Comes 8am, the bridegroom had to come over to pass several obstacles to claim his bride. Being one of the 'jie mei' (there were 10 of us), he had to pass through 3 stages. None of the silly drinking of suan tian ku la flavours, but in my stage, he had to compose a poem of the 3 words he had mentioned in the first stage, which will last 30 seconds, and he had 3 mins to do so, with the help of his 'xiong di' (there were about 10 of them too!). Veru intellectual, no? =p All went well, and while they headed for the tea ceremony, I headed home, which Star and Wushu D were very understanding, coz the jet lag just got to me.

Slept, and made it back to Orchid Country Club for the solemnization and the wedding dinner after that. During the dinner, there was a video presentation of how they met, and photos throughout the years where they knew each other, and lots of them had Gerry and me in it (coz we were trying to push them together during studying for As, while Star at one point was trying to push Wushu D and I together, heh, but lookie here, who was successful! =p). Those photos really brought back so many memories. Coupled with nostalgia, and sitting at a table with my college mates, it brought tears to my eyes.

That was my NYE, bringing in the new year with John, MJ and Huifen at the Gardens with drinks and reminisence.

They are now blissfully married, and blessedly happy. You can see Wushu D, after the ceremony, with such a radiant smile, as if saying 'Yes! She's MY wife' *punches fist up in the air*. I hope that when my time comes next time, that will be the way my husband thinks too. =) Meanwhile, kudos to Star and Wushu D! Got a sneak preview into their new apartment too 2 days before I flew off, where they and Gerry and hubby and I played Super Munchkin. It was mind-boggling, but after a while, you get the hang of it, and it was fun! But all the husbands were helping their wives, and after a while, they started helping me too, coz I didn't have any partner there.

Moral of the story, couples shouldn't play together in a game. Hmph. =p

:+: Catching up :+:

Spent the rest of the time catching up with friends, and spending time at home. That's always therapeutic, especially when you clear your room. Let's see now.... in chronological order, met up with Ruth and Joel (at Gardens, supper, was discussing the future...), Sapphire (one of juniors whom I was quite close to at some point before I left, and we were just exchanging gossip that had happened over the past year or 2 that we didn't meet), met Joe at Holland V, the night before he flew off to HK for another modelling assignment - rushed, but good, fast catchup. =) Had a couple of family dinners where we all just talked and had a couple of good laughs. My sis is just hilarious at times. =)

Also met up with JD, where he and I were bitching, he about A&E in Sg, me about work in general, but at the end of the day, heyho, we still love our jobs. Fengyi as well, where she's having her wedding dinner in May this year, and we were discussing our future plans, Weixin, where I spent a surprisingly long time discussing religion with him, caught up with DK, finally, after 3 years of missed appointments, YY and Cailing whom I went on trips to US and Eastern Europe with, but we haven't killed each other yet.

Met up with Les as well. He brought me to this place called WineBos in Hong Lim Place. Small, cosy, good wine and pizza, gd time catching up. He was urging me to come back soon. Then again, lots of people were. A variety of reasons, of which I shan't go into, coz they are too personal. Surface to say, it made me think. Had a good talk with Mupps the day before I left, an d he was in the same predicament as me last year, and he's for the better of it now. More thinking required.

Rest of the meeting up was with relatives. Done in record time, one of the nights, had visited 4 sets of relatives. Tiring...


On another note, other interesting things which happened during this fortnight back... played beach volleyball, got sunblistered coz it was raining and I thought there wouldn't be much sun, but boy, was I wrong. Sunblock, girl, no matter what!

Got my right lower 8th wisdom tooth extracted. It was giving me problems, and this time, it started getting inflamed and there was an infection brewing. Well, it was supposed to be a simple tooth extraction, but it turned out to be an operation. I had to have 11 jabs of LA (5 jabs of Mepivicaine didn't even droop one side of my face, barely numbing the gum), one of the roots broke during the extraction, and so the dentist had to cut into the bone to remove the remnant of the root, had to have 2 stitches after that, was still bleeding 45 mins after the procedure. Needless to say, I went home and slept the rest of the day away. Throbbing pain not relieved by Ponstan + Tylenol, plus Trismus (jaw locking) does not make Zena a happy bunny. Didn't eat for the first 3 days, only drinking bits. Losing 10kg in the first 5 months of work, then putting on weight after many Xmas dinners and food at home in Sg where you can gorge yourself silly on the variety of food here, then not being able to open your mouth for a few days after that, is quite a torture. I'm back to normal now, and E+D ok. Yay for painkillers!

Oh yeah, I also got approached in town by talent scouts for models. Now, I have never had that in my 24 years of life, and usually, this is my sister's arena! (She has been approached several times in the past during As). Given that I was wearing a skirt that day, I was also wearing my specs, and no makeup, hair somewhat pinned up absent-mindedly, how in the world do they scout?? 3 times in a day in different parts of town, by different agencies. No mean feat. Was telling my sister... must have been my outfit. Heh. But well, look at it this way, I might have an alternative career if medicine doesn't work out, no? =p

Okay, gtg sleep now. Starting work in 6 hours times. Back for work, and wondering even more now...