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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blogging before work

Yep, for the first time while WAITING to go to work, I've decided to blog. Actually, this is after, watching 2 episodes of Season 2 of Sex and the City.

I wanted to type out an entry last night, but my computer kept on playing up, meaning even though I started it up, it will automatically shut off by itself. Clever, huh?

Now, it's day 5 post-flight back. The first day back at work was, as expected, busy. When you're gone for 2 weeks, your whole list gets changed, and changes somehow don't seem to be done, even though it was documented as in being done. But it was kind of good to see familiar faces again, on the wards, Andrew, with a big grin on his face when he saw me back, and the nurses on the ward too. That's a lovely feeling. =)

but anyhow, post-flight, then the day fater u fly back is quite ok actually. Jet lag still oersists, but you can keep busy the whole day, and then just sleep after coming back from work. That's what I did anyway. Flying back in time, to the UK, is quite helpful actually. At least now I know which flight times are good for me to function, after the flight, both here and in Sg.

Last night, in an effort to try and curb the jetlag, I went to watch 'Memoirs of a Geisha' with several colleagues - 'the girls'. It was brilliantly done, followed quite closely to the book, apart from some parts. Somehow, during the whole event, I felt as if I seen the film or sequences of it before. This is the first time it was done and released, no? I've come to the conclusion that perhaps when I was reading the book, I was imagining in my headfirst time I've watched a movie in the cinema in UK in ages... years even... Heh....

Okay, now gotta go for work. Seems as if I've never left work, ever since day 2. I'm on-call on the cardiac bleep today. Hopefully it will be a good day.