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Saturday, February 04, 2006


There are different types of being annoyed/irritated (I liken both to being quite similar, in my world).

I'm annoyed/irritated ...

... when my bleep goes off non-stop, especially when I'm trying to do a difficult cannulation/venepuncture.
... when you try toi answer your bleeps immediately after you get bleeped, only to find that the line is engaged, even after you try it 10 times.
... when you're bleeped countless times, evcen though you are in protected teaching.
... when you're on-call in the evening and bleeped to see a patient who has fallen early in the morning that day.
... when colleagues hand over jobs that should have been done during the day (seldom occurs here in Medway, which is good. =).
... when nurses bleep you to let you know the Hb dropped from 10.1 to 9.6. (like, huh?)
... when the patient doesn't seem to comprehend simple English (even though they are the land of the English!) or their family, such that they ask the same questions over and over again.
... when families of patients demand the best service that THEY think they deserve, without caring that this is the NHS and we are trying our best for all our patients.
... when I can't finish my work on-time, especially on a post-take day. Although I'm the sole one handling the jobs, I should have been more efficient.
... at times when being a prefectionist is a pain in the ass.
... when I haven't had lunch or dinner and am still on-call on my feet at 10pm.
... when my sleep is broken, be it a call or the alarm clock. I just feel like cutting off the phone or banging on the snooze button and going back to sleep.
... when someone tries to be my best friend, when I have absolutely no want of being friends in the first place.
... when someone comes into my room, uninvited, and dirties my floor especially when I've just vacuumed it.
... when my mum reminds me to pack my luggage, if not I'll have no time to pack before I fly off to UK again.
... when appointments are made in advance and are not kept, especially if there is a lame reason/excuse.
... when I think about someone, or imagine them with someone else.
Yet when I think about it, I realise it's jealousy, and that irritates me further. Vivid imaginations are not good.
... when jie sleeps in my bed and I want to use it.
... when jie places the hamsters on me when I said to get it off me!
... when my sisters ask me to do something at that moment (which can't wait) while I'm doing something else.
... when I can't go to the gym (which I had planned for) or play squash or tennis or volleyball when I want.
... when I can't finish the sudoku challenge.
... When people do things which I think are childish (I'm irritated coz I have no right to judge them or their actions, and yet I still do at times).

More can and will be continued, if I actually have time after or during me weekend of MAU.