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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weekend enjoyment

It's now raining here, believe it or not. Then again, why should I be surprised? It rains here, whether rain or shine or snow, dark or light, cold or warm.

Anyhow, this is one of the few times which I actually had the time to wake up late in the weekend, not having to wake up with the help of an alarm. Didn't realise how much domestic chores one actually has when you think about it.

I've finally decided to just stay here and just enjoy being way from people and alone for a while. Do things by myself. I realise I don't get enough alone-time as it is. Work takes up much of the day, then it's dinner and just chilling and letting my mind relax as it is, reading a little bit of something, or just close my eyes and relax, or going to the gym to destress. And because of that, I've managed toi explore a bit of Chatham and its High Street yesterday and did a bit of shopping! Had a gd talk with Sudh and all the walking around Chatham and Gillingham.


Received 2 late birthday pressies from Martini (device to stick photos in) and a funky sauce and chopsticks set from Siob. =) thanks, peeps! Was talking to Stan yesterday, and boy, the application process for the coming F1s and us F2s is just as screwed up. Just talked to Joe as well. We've come to several conclusions.
1) Modelling doesn't cut it in terms of feeding us long term.
2) Family is our number one priority.
3) We would soooo love to live alone when we get home.
4) What can we do if we're feeling adventurous but stuck at home with routine jobs that we can't get away from long enough?!

no answers to that.

Just some thought for now. Going to do some work on presentation now. Or maybe, I should watch the OC instead. =p