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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gone is Medicine.... Here is Paediatrics

Yup. I've officially finished Medicine. And I've started Paediatrics. It's a whole different ballgame altogether. I just did the weekend on MAU. That was my last 2 days on Medicine. And it was just wonderful. That last Friday, instead of teaching, we had handover, and so I handed over some of the ward patients to the next incoming HO.

But before that, AT, my buddy HO and my SHO and buddy Reg, we had lunch together, and it was just great! If not full of gossip, then it's just full of laughs of funny patients or experiences we had. Then before I left Nelson (that's the name of my ward) on Friday evening, it was sad walking out of the ward, but not before the nurses and CSWs and I had a good 'ol cup of tea and sat down to just chat and chill, which I've seldom done before with this ward's nurses. However, it was quite an eye-opener to hear them talking about the doctors and commenting on how we were. I had good feedback, and the nurses were really nice, and we exchanged numbers and emails to keep in contact! =)

Over the weekend, when I was on MAU, the same thing happened, and some of the nurses and I exchanged numbers too. It was nostalgic, to say the least. All amongst the time where we had ups and downs and trying to cannulate patients, or reviewing ECGs or Mel saving lunches or dinners for me, or me giving 'big maria' a massage, while I'm waiting for my patient to come back from X-rays. Or us just joking around with Raj or Shibu trying to get beds for our admissions or Trop Ts.

It's nice to know that we are appreciated, and we can appreciate other staff too, and that all of us can work well together, given a good attitude. It was also a pleasure to know them, coz even though work can be so busy, it makes everything seem rosy. I was also pleased to know that they liked the work I do, and the ward clerk loves my smile! Haha...

Next, I also got my mini-pat assessment from Mr W, my supervisor. He and WG, my ex-reg, was in their office at the same time, and after bantering around with them, we got down to serious business, and they were appalled to see that I had quite low self-confidence, in terms of how I assessed myself to be, and WG said that I was a 'silly cow'. Haha.... But both they and I are quite happy in the feedback. (The mini-pat is an assessment that they have in the MMC for all Foundation Programme doctors, where feedback will have to be gathered, not just from their peers, but also the nursing staff, their supervisors, etc.).

My feedback, or rather, the gist of it, states that I can 'communicate well with staff, patients and relatives. She is very reliable and when asked to do a job she does it quickly and efficiently. She is well liked by both patients and staff'.... 'Knows her limitations'... 'C has a very friendly approachable manner with both staff and patients. Keen to learn and effectively utilises advice given in the clinical environment'.

This boosts my confidence a bit. Sounds like I'm heading in right direction, eh? =)


Start of Paeds

Today is the 2nd day of Paeds. We're bleep-less now, and I'm kind of missing it. It's a catch-22 really. When I had the bleep, I didn't mind it, as long as it didn't ring. But when I had it and it rang continuously, sometimes I feel like throwing it against the wall and say to it 'stop bleeping me!'. But now that I don't even have a bleep, it's as if something is missing, especially so when I've been busy with it for the past 8 months.

Paeds is a whole different ballgame, and takes a little adjusting. As HOs at my hospital are supernumery at present, we still help out, but depends on how proactive you want to be. Considering I can't remember much about Paeds, it was a wonder we actually managed to see patients in the assessment unit, without much trouble. Thank goodness I'm with Asg again, my buddy whom I worked with in Surgery. We make a wicked team, and now, after a short period of 4 months of not working together, the chemistry is still there and we end up finishing one another's work. Haha... It's gonna be quite fun working together again. =P

On another note, the kids are so cute!! I've not made anyone cry yet, and it seems I have a knack for them (given how I'm almost the same height as some of them), but the team seems really nice, and I think it will be another wicked experience. =) Perhaps, by the end of this 4 months, I'll be tempted to going back to Paeds and give up on Surgery. What say you?


Outcome of Application

We've got the results of our jobs last week. I've got a job in London for the following year. It's a year-long rotation, consisting of A+E, general surgery, and trauma + orthopedics. Guess it can be considered a surgical rotation. With something like that delivered on a platter to me, i'm wondering: Is The One above trying to signal/say something to me? Would I be silly to apply back home still? Would they give me as good a rotation if I want to do surgery? What are the chances?

Realistically speaking, I'm not as keen to go back yet, coz I'm enjoying being here. But the visa regulations are changing, and I might have to go back sooner than I planned. Can I have a sign please? Or is that already signposted big and square?