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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Okay, this has been delayed much too long. When was the last time I wrote anything in here? Hmm... weeks... Anyway, while it is 12.30am on an early thursday morning, and while I'm listening to Underworld's 'Born Slippy', and yawning myself to tears, I've decided to bite the bullet and kick my butt out of inertia to write something in here. Considering I type faster than I think, this should be a walk in the park. *one can only hope*



I've just taken the MRCS Part 1s at the end of April. Likelihood of passing: low. Studied, but didn't really concentrate and prepare really early. It took a while for the inertia to be kicked off, and for my brain to actually start working again. And so, I went into hibernation phase, and stayed in Kent on weekends, studying (or trying to at least, but not being very successful), and you know what, it was actually a pleasure. I felt relaxed, and actually relishing what I was reading through. When I was in the exam room, it felt like written finals all over again. I actually quite like the feeling. Made me feel at home. Somewhat.

I know, I know. You must be thinking, why in the world would someone who has just finished finals not long ago, want to do more exams now? Well, it was an impromptu decision, of some sort. I put my application in in that last week of the deadline. Judging from the previous posts, Surgery seems to be the one for me. However, ever since being on Paeds, it has changed my perspective, and I've veered off-course slightly. I'm not having second thought about surgery, but now I've another very viable option to consider.

We just have to wait and see, won't we?



I've changed rotations and started on Paediatrics aka little kiddies. Been on Paeds for just over a month now, and although I didn't really enjoy it initially, I'm now enjoying it so much more. Perhaps it is because I know my responsibilties now (even though we F1s are supposed to be supernumery, but circumstances has turned it 180 degrees around).

Initially, AKF and I were just like supernumery house officers, not knowing how much we can do, or what exactly our responsibilities are. And so we dangled along in the first couple of weeks, doing what we normally do. Being house officers and settling the ward stuff. Therein came 2 incidents which occurred.

Incident 1: Showdown with the new Reg
AKF and I were there on the ward round and we had settled all the ward work that needed to be done, and had finished by about 1pm. We wanted to go for lunch, and so we told the new Reg on that day that we were going for lunch. Penguin Assessment Unit was slightly busy then, however, 2 of the SHOs were on, plus another 2 Regs for the whole day, so we thought they didn't really need us. We had gone for lunch, and went to the Mess to chill out for a bit, (considering we had finished most jobs, which were actually supposed to be done by the SHOs and Regs.) We were away a total of just beyond 1 hour.

When we walked back in, we met the new Reg, and he just asked us 'Where were you?', and just stood there staring at us, waiting. AKF could see I was about to explode (judging from my facial expression), and so he started to give some explanation about why we were long.

2 days later, during the ward round, I had an altercation with that same Reg. we needed to write up some medication for a patient, whose drug chart was more or less full-up ont eh front page (for stat doses), apart from one blank row in the middle. And so I told the nurse that I will write it up after the ward round (as we needed to rewrite the drug chart). He refused to believe me, snatched the drug chart away from me while I was still holding on to it and talking to the nurse, and flipped to the BNF and told me to write up the dose then. I told him that nurses won't give the medication, especially if it is written in the middle, as I had encountered this before in Medicine and Surgery. He refused to believe me, and because I refused to write it down then, he wrote it down himself and gave it to the nurse. 10 mins later, the nurse was back, and asked him to rewrite the drug chart, as they were not supposed to give the medication if it is not written properly (in chronological order). He then gave me the chart to rewrite, and instructed me to write it up then! I was quite pissed off, and while begrudgingly writing up the chart, I mentioned that that was how the system worked there, and it would be good to listen to others on the team (something to that extent).

He then turns around and says that we should work as a team (?!?!), and we should listen to each other instead of trying to work against each other. WTH?!? Wasn't that what I was trying to get at all along?? I got really annoyed then, and I knew that I had to walk away before I blew my top, and so I did.

Incident 2: We have this F2, who seems to know his stuff, and is quite a smooth talker. He wants to be a surgeon, and had just finished orthopedics. He started the same time as us, however, we've realised that he is actually a lazy bastard. Several times, when AKF and I were on together with him, and he was on-call, he would just disappear immediately after the ward round, and not appear on Penguin at all! He would not even answer his bleep, till he was bleeped several times!

On one of the Thursdays, he was the Outpatients SHO and we were swamped in Penguin. Literally. Parents and their kids came in 5-8 at a go. It was just me and the Reg. He didn't turn up even though he was supposed to after Outpatient clinics, and in the afternoon, he supposedly had to go for teaching (which he never did in the first place!), and after teaching he was supposed to come back to the ward till about 8pm (which he came back at 6.30pm, when teaching was supposed to finish at 5pm, and that was only after multiple bleeps! He didn't even have his bleep with him. It was with his gf instead!) And then, he left early at 7.30pm that evening, when his shift was supposed to finish at 8pm. I had left at 10pm that night, and I was supposed to go home by 5pm! I felt bad though, that I had to leave 5 patients to be seen by the night team. By that time, the Reg and I were just dead on our feet. It was just ridiculous.

But anyway, that night, I saw lots of interesting cases and did lots more procedures than the Paeds Regs would allow me to do normally. It also fostered better relations with the rest of the team. I've asked for some feedback (while doing all the tedious paperwork of CEXs and CBDs and DOPS), and it's all been good so far. They trust us enough to know that things will be done, ward work will be sorted, patients will be seen and sorted to, and we won't try anything crazy. They trust us enough to manage the kids and do procedures unsupervised.

It's a great feeling. =) To know that they trust and respect you enough to manage and handle the kids and the parents on your own. And to know that you'll ask for help when needed.

Lots of people who have been on the Paeds rotation before us think that it's just like being a glorified medical student all over again, only this time we are paid. That's absolutely not true. When you show that you're capable, they trust you enough to handle yourself, and that says a lot.


Other musings

what else have I been up to? Not much really. Been surfing around and trying to sort out accommodation and what to see on my long-awaited vacation to the East Coast of USA at the end of this month. It's a birthday present for the little one from me, for being the annoying but great little sister anyone can hope for. Incidentally JTI will be int eh vicinity during that period of time as well. It will be interesting if we do meet there.

A couple of week ago, we had this massive group of PRHOs, SHO, Regs and even Consultants on a bowling outing, one of the weekday nights. It was a fun night out, and great to meet up with everyone again, especially my surgical team. We were 'Will's Kidz', and it was just hilarious! More to come hopefully!

Just last week, AKF and I just met up for a night out with the surgical crew from my rotation. Drove all the way down from Kent and had dinner at Crossharbour & London Arena. It was such a lovely evening catching up with my previous SHO Mary. Shirley, one of the surgical registrars was simply funny! What can I say? I have a great bunch here at Medway. =)


Okay, have to go zzzz now. Think I've updated enough for this entry. Till later! =)