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Sunday, November 19, 2006

A blast from the past...


5 September 2006

I just spoke to Mupps today, after a long time of not talking. He has been having exams, taking the Part 1s, and just finished today – yippee for him!

Every time I talk to him, I find myself being motivated and uplifted, in every sense of the word. I feel encouraged by him. Difficult choices that he has to make, he made it, and didn’t regret a minute of it. Talking to him helped ease my burdens a little, helped ease my fears about going back to work a little. He gives me a realistic picture of what is going to happen, what I have to expect, and I know that he is not mincing his words. He doesn’t have to. In that respect, we are very similar. He has said once before, that I remind him of himself when he was younger. Whether that was a compliment or not, I don’t know. I shall just take it as it is. Therefore, even though I’m not that close to him, I trust what he has to say, and know that he will not cherry-coat it. He will tell it as it is.

Being known as the ‘scalpel girlie’ to him, I was telling him about what I have encountered in the current department I am in, what with all the masochism and pseudo-macho stuff the rest of the guys in the department try to put on. We were musing about the different personalities of doctors that go into various professions, and I was musing about myself, asking him what he thought. Considering he hasn’t worked with me before, but just from what I mention in my sparse conversations with him, apparently I’m a pretty brainy and gutsy person, who seems more surgically inclined. Then again, he added that I’m most probably ‘pleuripotent’, which is good in a way, coz that means that whatever I do, I can and will be good in it. The people in the paeds and medicine lot (SHOs/Regs/Cons) have all said that before. But that just begs a purpose: when you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything you want. Of course, you must like it as well.

Then we talked about ophthalmology and the likes of it, working back home (usual themes), our fears and dreams for the future, and advice for application for working back home. I’m his semi (coz of my height) Amazonian warrior with boots! Haha… Oh well, just thought I’d jot this conversation down, just in case, as it gave me hope and incentive and motivation to work back home. Also to get off the inertia to get started doing something. Hope it works out. =)